I’ll not contest the PF Presidency – GBM


I HAVE decided not to contest the Patriotic Front presidency but I’m willing to back whoever the members will deem fit to lead the party, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) has said.

Mr Mwamba said he was sure the members would choose a person who would be marketable both in the party and to Zambians at large for the PF to remove the UPND from power.

He said the PF had learnt its lesson and would not dare make the same mistake of allowing cadres to reign terror among citizens.

“We have learnt a lesson as a party and that is why we will come out stronger because we know what Zambians like and don’t,” said Mr Mwamba, who is PF national mobilisation chairperson.

Mr Mwamba said that the PF had a very high chance of bouncing back most especially that the UPND were failing to meet the people’s expectations.

He said this was time for the party to regroup and strategise by choosing a leader who could unify and grow the party.

“We have to capitalise on the UPND’s failure to give the people what they promised them by choosing a leader that will make the party formidable,” he said.

Mr Mwamba said he still could offer a lot to the party even if he was not president because there were other capable and competent people who could take over the mantle from former Republican President Edgar Lungu. – Daily Nation


  1. Even if you contest boss, I don’t think you can get the PF presidency, so to stay away is the best thing you can do, you irreparably messed up yourself. Had you stayed in UPND, the game could have been completely different.

  2. But why poke into other political parties instead of correcting errors by new dawn. New Dawn is not 100% cos there are a lot of loopholes need to be sealed. Check at Min of Labour. Workers are are suffering in those companies owned by foreigners and no inspectors from labour office. The labour conditions are pathetic and to be visited on over time, gratuity, working hours etc. Lcc should clean all drainages in townships, Lumumba road, etc. Lumumba drainage must be covered completedly and wastes to pass under neath. City market and soweto very dirty. Let lcc employ more people to clean entire city. Garry, Madam Tambatamba wake up etc , etc


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