I’m not intimidated… I’m ready to face the police and be transported to Choma – Nawakwi


ORUM for Democracy and Development (FDD) president, Edith Nawakwi who has recently been discharged from the University Teaching Hospital (UTH), says she is ready to face the police and be transported to Choma to answer charges on the abduction of the Hatembo family prior to the 2021 elections.
Ms Nawakwi said she is not intimidated by the continuous police harassment and plans to arrest her.

On two occasions, police officers stormed UTH where she was admitted in a bid to arrest her while she was being treated.
Ms Nawakwi in an interview said that the police wanted to transport her to Choma where they wanted her to answer to charges concerning the case involving the abduction of the Hatembo family.

She said that the police were working under strict orders to have her locked up under any circumstances.
Ms Nawakwi, who has since been discharged from the University Teaching Hospital (UTH), said police and other law enforcement agencies should follow procedure and shortcuts if there were any issues that they needed to investigate.

“I’m not understanding what is going on here but what I can say is that I am ready as long as the correct procedure is followed,” Ms Nawakwi said.

Ms Nawakwi said the President had wrong advisors who were misleading him and that this would be his downfall if he was not careful.
She said that she did not understand why police were so anxious to lock her up that they did not even want her to fully recover.
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  1. Lelolelo, umulandu taubola. You made some people and families for that matter to sleep in the bush because of your carelessness and rabbish stinking mouth.

  2. We are with madam Nawakwi. You are too strong for them. They live in a glass house.
    May God be with. You have our support.


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