Fourth Republican president Rupiah Banda

I’M ON MY KNEES … Please let us pray for my father, pleads Rupiah’s son Andrew

Fourth Republican president Rupiah Banda’s son, Andrew, says he is on his knees pleading with the nation to pray for his father to pull through “the very difficult time he is going through.”

And Andrew said president Banda is not only his father, but “the father of the nation”, hailing his contribution towards public service and the role he played in bringing President Hakainde Hichilema and his immediate predecessor Edgar Lungu together.

Asked by Daily Revelation on his father’s 85th birthday and the fact that he was in Dubai undergoing medical attention right now, Andrew had one request for the Zambian people…


  1. The best thing we can do, all of us, is repent of our sins and be in good terms with Him and to acknowledge Christ as the savior.

  2. I’m sure he is receiving the best healthcare and does not need prayers! Abroad seeking the best healthcare he failed to provide for the poor Zambians, these politician are just pathetic and always want to mock the people! Andrew pray for him yourself, us we are praying for ourselves.

  3. RB should first repent his sins like everybody else before our prayers can be answered. This man was a maniacal plunderer of state funds which he must pay back in order to redeem his soul from the grasp of the devil.


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