THE International Monetary Fund (IMF) has explained that Zambia’s 2022 budget indicates a clear commitment to address the fundamental issues that created the need for support and a clear ownership of the reform programme which has facilitated a relatively rapid conclusion of bail out discussions.

And the IMF says allegations that it was in talks with the opposition UPND towards the August 2021 elections are false. Rainbow Party general secretary Wynter Kabimba recently claimed that IMF and the UPND were in talks before the August elections and that’s why the……» Read full story @


  1. Winter’s mischief needs to be dealt with conclusively and decisively. He has no solutions or alternatives. All is good at the moment is making noise and peddling misinformation. These types of leaders need to be exposed for the lying cheap politicians the are.

    We need mature truthful leaders who make sense and can provide for checks and balances. This one off line many times and has become an irrelevant distance noise soon to be forgotten with the passage of time.

  2. Winter suffers from both mental and verbal diarrhoea, unless urgent treatment is administered, his condition can only get worse. This rejected excuse of a leader is trying hard to be relevant in today’s political scene but with no succees. His rantings have been comical and inept they could only emanate from very desperate soul.

  3. Gay Kabimba should just focus on his rainbow parry.

    Form an alliance with socialist party and together you can work on LGBT rights.

    You have the same behaviour yakumbuyo.


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