Chilufya Tayali
Chilufya Tayali

By Chilufya Tayali

Confusion in Gichugu Constituency, Kirinyaga County after election materials are allegedly discovered in a County government vehicle near the tallying center.

The race is tight between William Ruto and Raira Odinga who is being supported by the incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta and President Hichilema’s sponsors, Oppenheimers, using their Brentrust foundation.

Some of our State House officials have actually gone to Kenya to try and use the schemes they used here.

William Ruto on the other hand is relaying on a free process to win the elections and so far he is giving the old man a tough time, though it’s neck to neck, they keep exchanging the leads like in a game of netball.
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    • Who appointed this idiot to speak on matters that does not concern him? Fortunately the idiot is a frog trying to spit in the ocean hoping to fill up the ocean with its stinking saliva. Busybody idiot.

  1. Please Tayali you are free to comment on any Zambian topic but avoid foreign masters. Leave the Kenyan politics alone. Please avoid sensationalizing matters you clearly cannot prove.

  2. Idiot Tayali. You did the same vomit on Ethiopia. I was recently in Kisumu and saw how much their “Baba” is loved and respected. Are the Kisumu people the imperialists you are referring to?
    It’s unfortunate that I continue seeing you despite leaving FB.

  3. Why do you give this guy so much space? If you are not careful you are bound to create serious diplomatic problems from this runaway political pygmy. He just looks at everything from his twisted mind, the people that feed him are not very smart either, don’t you have better ways of spending your money so at least it serves your agenda?
    The so called Brent rust Foundation were allowed to observe elections in Zambia in the PF government, why did you allow them in and to rig?
    This guy is an idiot and given space in banana newspapers, serious papers would put him to task. One day if not careful you will be answering to libel cases with him. He talks without substantion. Anyway he once admitted that he does this for a living.

  4. Please Ba Government give this foul-mouthed Gentleman some Diplomatic posting either to Siberia or Yemen (assuming he has even the brain and strength to do an honesty day’s work), so that we breathe a bit of non toxic air for the next 4 remaining years? Kuti asenda nabanankwe aba balekele ukubeya imyefu, nauyu umbi wafililwe ukuputula fintu fyakwe fili mwitoloshi yakwe, for us just to enjoy a little serenity and peace

  5. I’ve told this tayali ati, he’s place in the first batch of imbushi to Saudi Arabia is confirmed.Why he’s still talking katwishi?

  6. Tayali seems to do anything that will keep him relevant, this man is the measurement of an idiot.
    You complain about imperialists yet the clothes you were come from them, the phone you use comes from them, the condom (if) you use comes from them
    So shut that effing mouth of yours

  7. Chilufya Tayali is following Fred Namakando Mmembe’s narrative on the Kenyan elections. What the two idiots should know is that Kenya is not Zambia.

  8. The zambian idiot-in-charge is at it again .He is just doing what he is good at , spreading toxic radioactive bullshit all over social media !


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