Indian tunnel collapse: All 41 worker saved from India tunnel disaster


All 41 construction workers who were stuck in a tunnel in northern India after a landslide on 12 November have been saved.

No one thinks any of the men were hurt, but they are getting medical checkups at a hospital close by.

One by one, they were taken out through a big pipe that was put into the tunnel that fell down in Uttarakhand state. The pipe was 90cm (3ft) wide.

The state government called the rescue “good news. ” “for the whole country”, and the Indian PM praised the trapped men’s “amazing” bravery and patience.

The rescue team had many problems, but a group of “rat-hole” miners used small drills to finally rescue everyone.
Officials provided the men with oxygen, food, and water through a small pipe.

The president of India, Droupadi Murmu, has made a post on X.

She is very happy and relieved to hear that all the workers stuck in a tunnel in Uttarakhand have been saved.

She says that the rescue effort faced challenges, but it shows how strong people can be.

She says: “The country honors their strength and is thankful to them for building important buildings and roads, even though it was dangerous and far from their families. ”

“I want to say well done to the teams and experts who worked really hard to complete one of the toughest rescue missions ever. Good job”


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