By Chilufya Tayali


It’s getting dark, but I want to let you know that I will soon be with you. President Hichilema and his praise singers must be proud of himself to have tortured me in this manner, but you should all be ashamed of selves.

This place is like a wilderness, desolate with majority people poor and uninformed. The road is basically impassable by common vehicles and driving on this road with your own vehicle is a big risk.

Any sensible leader would have been desperate to bring development here, especially that he got many votes from here.

President Hichilema thinks it’s better for Lukulu to remain like this so that he can turn it into a torturing chamber like the Guantanamo bay of the Americans, I guess this is what the AFRICOM are advising him.

I will be home soon and by tomorrow I will be back to my usual works, of offering checks and balances on President Hichilema and his useless Government, Yes, this includes his outlook, I reserve an opinion on how a President should look, not bututu-bututu.

Zambia belongs to all of us, President Hichilema and the UPND were not given a blank cheque by Zambians when they voted them into power. We are all stakeholders.

Take care and God bless you for now.






  1. That is just the beginning of your lessons, just wait and see how soon you will go quiet. HH has nothing to do with your stupidity, just learn to accept and admit that your stupidity is responsible for your misery. You are nothing ka kolwe iwe.

  2. Why didn’t your useless pf government develop Lukulu? They cheated the people of WP that they were going to do the Katunda – Lukulu RD.

  3. Tayali is right on Lukulu issue. This is why we are hustling out of Zambia.. It’s because of the past governments and the current foolish government of HH and his equal fools including praise singers.. Thumbs up Tayali.

    Lukulu voice has been heard. If Hon Mutelo and Hon Kalila had the courage that Tayali has things were going to be different for our home village…

    Lukulu with you mukamba
    Without fear or favour…

    • For over 50 years, Lukulu has never seen any developments. Western Province was by UNIP, MMD and pf. Now sycophants like tyali and enock can now start blaming the UPND government of neglecting Lukulu.They are only in government for 10 months and you expected them to have built developed the province? It’s not UPND who took all the developments to Muchinga province or Luapula province.
      Before you expose you ignorance ,think.

      • Don’t expose your ignorance here. Just keep on waiting for those jobs advertised by your gov’t and continue crapping your hands for your fake UPND gov’t my dear.

        We know you lazy praise singers. U shall be waiting for Tayali and Seer1 to talk on your behalf. Kosa honourable.

        We shall continue pushing whichever government is in place. I’m not hear to praise failure my dear. I benefit nothing in return for praising failures like you blaming UNIP, MMD and PF. MY CRITICISM IS BASED ON THEIR PROMISES AND YOU KNOW IT…

    • How long did it take to develop Lusaka? Look at solwezi which has a mine and how long it is taking and you want Upnd to develop Lukulu in 10 months. Harry Kalaba has never been called to the police for defaming the president or any bad he said, Anyway deep down your heart you are human and you know what is right

  4. At lest you now understand why these people have been crying for development. First hand information is different from speaking from town over the internet.

    People there live this way daily, weekly, monthly, yearly it’s been generations. Pure neglect.

    I am glad you had safe passage. I hope you can be wise and deal with matters smartly. Otherwise we will keep hearing of your being required to answer for cases all over Zambia.

  5. Hehehehehe tayali, how pathetic. Continue disrespecting the president. We shall see for how long you will do it.

  6. This stupid bafoon should be beaten even more and than hanged by his balls.
    Walking back with clean and shiny shoes, does this dog think Zambians are Baffoons like him.

  7. Listening to Tayali and agreeing with him is drawing oneself into Tayali’s Stupidity and Naivety!
    Lukulu will now develop if the residents there have what it takes to develop their area. They now have CDF funds to develop their area. That is the meaning of true development – bottom up, people-driven development!
    Blaming President HH when he has not even governed for One full year, not even one full term is just being malicious!
    For Tayali’s information, Development is in different forms. Human Capital Development is fundamental, hence the reasoning behind the re-introduction of Free Education. Many of us who grew up during KK days are products of The KK Free Education!
    We now have Nephews accessing UNZA education on 100% government scholarship, thanks to the re-introduction of free education!
    Just pay Lukulu another visit after 4 years and you will see how different it will look. What you should be asking Lukulu people is what have they done so far to make use of CDF funds? Have they come up with priority areas to be addressed by these CDF funds?
    That is what it means to constructively contribute to National Development! Those who want to run away to other countries, please go in peace. As for the rest of us who are patriotic, we’ll remain to maintain checks and balances on time wasters like Tayali and gang.
    President HH has created an enabling environment for development! Those with brains will transform their socio-economic status. Those who think development comes from just talking nonsense will miss out! It’s time to mind your own business!

  8. So it has to be heaped on HH for development stagnation of Lukulu! How foolish some people can be after “happily” living in the state that Lukulu has been over 50 years can throw invectives to HH! At least they can give HH a plus for removing fog from their eyes to see clearly and the freedom to move their jaws with voice despite abusing opportunity for tactful discourse.


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