Is PEP President A Cross Boarder Thief?
‘PEP President Avoids Questions Relating To His Theft Activity In Botswana’

Sean Tembo rans away from Simon Mwewa and forgot his calculator at Millennium Radio studio. Apparently the calculator was meant to be given to President Hakainde Hichilema at statehouse, but security sent Sean Tembo away.

After a failed mission of delivering a calculator at Statehouse, Sean Tembo went to Millennium Radio station to rant and that is where he was followed by Simon Mwansa to ask him a question on his theft history in Botswana.

It was just a matter of Sean Tembo giving an answer to a question as to “Why did he defraud the Government of Botswana?” But he ran away.
Is Sean Tembo EP President an international thief?
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  1. Well done Simon Mwewa mwaiche! Sean Tembo is a thief man! We dont want another thief in state house he can surely steal again if given another chance.


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