Kasonde Mwenda

By Kasonde Mwenda C

It hurts to say but my big brother the President is CORRUPT.

He does not fit to be a President. He deserves to be IMPEACHED.
Instead of fighting corruption he is cutting deals with people he is supposed to arrest together with his hopeless bunch of Ministers. What a waste of 2.8 million VOTES.

First he connived to corruptly procure $51Million illegal fertilizer, cut a deal with Faith Musonda and the case died, now with Milingo Lungu, next he will cut with Bowman.

You cant develop with such corruption and indiscipline in just 8 months.

“Wherever we want to go, our feet shall take us there”

Kasonde Mwenda C
Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF President




  1. Kasonde is missing the whole point, firstly he needs to understand that cutting a deal with certain individuals is giving them space to reveal a lot of information that can be used to recover more resources. Many people would like to give up whatever they stole just so that they avoid jail. This is not the first time such things have happened and it happens the world over. If indeed the govt cut a deal to seize and get more incriminating information for this cause, then it is a good deal and there is nothing to suggest the president is corrupt. If indeed there is proof that the president is corrupt, Kasonde has the liberty to report the president to the relevant authorities and present the evidence.

  2. No Mr. Observer, you don’t understand the interest of Hichilema’s government in this saga. Hichilema wanted to fire Milingo Lungu so that he appoints his own liquidator of KCM, he later discovered that he was ill-advised by his legal team led by the Attorney General, because Milingo’s appointment is constitutional and cannot be fired just like the current DPP. So the next thing is to force him to resign, how does he accept to resign when he’s appearing in court? That’s how issue of granting immunity to Milingo Lungu arose, and the cut is that he resigns from being liquidator of KCM, so that Hichilema can appoint his own liquidator! Are you clear Mr. Observer. So don’t just support because you are also Tonga, look at things professionally then you avoid being labelled a tribalist. So Kasonde is right, cases for fruitful impeachment are getting more and more as he has listed them! Fili uko tuya!

    • I was really interested getting your opinion but then suddenly boom tribal, for your own information I’m both Tonga and Bemba so your tribal nonsense really stinks! Next time stick to the topic so we can inform and educate one another!

  3. Well, now the government has come out in the open that HH and State House have had no engagement with Milingo. The DPP acted alone without involvement of statehouse. So where is the impeachment coming in. With regards to fertilizers, do you know that the procurement of the commodity is done almost 2 years in advance? There is no way UPND gets elected in August and procures fertilizer for the same year. PF procured the fertilizers used in this past farming season.

    • Doug, well explained but do you know that the same statehouse which is denying involvement is mentioned in Milingo’s court papers? It simply means the people mentioned will have to defend themselves in a court of law. See, it is for anyone to deny an involvement in public until the court rules. It is difficult to defend some things and people

  4. You can have a very good person as president but if the culture of stealing is entrenched in the citizenry, the president has to choose from the same corrupt citizenry and what you get are useless people diluting the good a president may have to offer!
    SATA did not call his ministers useless for nothing. We saw their uselessness when SATA was gone, forcing us to drown Sata’s boat!
    The Anti-corruption drive Levy started did not have full support from his inner circle.
    KK was abandoned by those he counted on.
    HH faces the same situation.
    It’s his ministers and senior who will make him look very bad!
    Not even Garry Nkombo can be trusted! The president has said no cadres his minister is promoting the vice in some markets like Comesa.
    Some cadres have receipt books collecting revenue in the name of local government!
    The only people who can help the president are courageous patriotic Zambians! It’s our collective responsibility to protect our country from Wolves! We should not wait for election time to make a difference!
    We need to expose all the bad elements like Kakubo and demand that they step down or be fired!
    We must put an end to the spirit of wanting to eat using public office! How I wish president HH had more Masebos in his Administration!

  5. Kasonde you are very short sighted, lack objectivity and flawed thinking. Minister has cleared it bit you keep on peddling your own dirty thoughts. Don’t abuse your freedom of speech.


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