It was very wrong for the organizers of the Kwacha Music Awards to award HH for “good” leadership- Sean Tembo



By Sean Tembo – PeP President

It was very wrong for the organizers of the Kwacha Music Awards to politicize the event by giving an arbitrary award to Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, allegedly for his “good” leadership.

Evidently, there was no category for “good leadership” and the Zambian people were not given an opportunity to vote for this “winner”.

If President Hakainde Hichilema would like an annual endorsement of his leadership from the Zambian people, then let the organizers of the Kwacha Music Awards create a political category for “best political leader” and we shall participate in such a category and see who the Zambian people shall vote for.

The assumption that the political dynamics which prevailed on 12th August 2021 have remained stagnant to this day is a fallacy. President Hakainde Hichilema and his New Dawn administration should not be blinded by past glory. Things have changed and the majority of the Zambian people now want a new President for 2026.

Therefore, the President and his band of praise singers should desist from creating false impressions by awarding each other arbitrary awards which have not been tested by the will of the Zambian people through a vote. Additionally, the granting of an arbitrary award to President Hakainde Hichilema casts doubt on the integrity and veracity of the other awards given during the Kwacha Music Awards.

Going forward, the organizers of the Kwacha Music Awards should endeavor to depoliticize the event by keeping politics out. In all countries across the world, social events such as Music Awards are used to unite citizens across the political divide. It is only in Zambia where a social event is politicized and used to inflate the declining political fortunes of a President.


SET 02.10.2022


  1. Things have changed and the majority of the Zambian people now want a new President for 2026 so says Mr “Zero”. wishful thinking SET. you will continue getting zero’s come 2026

  2. Mr.Shawn Tembo opposition does not mean you disagree with everything the ruling government does but your role is to advise and argue where it seems they are failing your politics are just insults .what is this going to benefit a common Zambian.?
    When you go into state house how are you you going to deal with constructive criticism?yours seems personal to HH

  3. Kikikikiki naseka mwe. Mr. Zero, HH’s popularity has actually increased. Continue burying your head in the sand. It’s HH all the way to 2030; intact u wish he was a dictator and changed the constitution to make himself a life president. We will never get a president who works without expecting payment from tax payers money. Never again shall we have a president who occupies govt housing more than he is entitled to, leaving his extended family in a ministerial house at my expense; while claiming to acquire properties legally by ukulya mwibala.

  4. Mwebantu, ala pansaka tapabula cipuba. tembo thinks expression of his hatred, jealous insults for hh maay attract his blessing to enter state house. shame!

  5. Fimba upoke…..Zambians know now who HH is. I can assure you Sean that come 2026, you will get Neg.zeros and it will be a walk over for HH……just watch the space.


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