IT is absurd for people to claim that the Patriotic Front (PF) members are the ones that staged the robbery which occurred at former republican president Edgar Lungu’s house, Emmanuel Mwamba has said.

Mr Mwamba said that people claiming that the PF were involved in the matter were delusional because there was no way they could hurt their beloved leader.

He said that the UPND needed to ensure that they followed the provisions of the law and that the 1993 Former Presidents Benefit Act was clear.

Mr Mwamba said that security was breached because the culprits managed to get in endangering the lives of the first family.

“The coincidence that power was cut out before the theft raises suspicion and we demand for a report because as things stand the statesman life is in danger,” he said.

He said security needed to be upheld so that similar incidents do not happen going forward because Mr Lungu was a national asset who deserved the state’s protection.-Daily Nation


  1. It’s only logical that they took advantage of Edgar lungu’s absence to steal from him. Inside job of course. Bakufa njala ma members ba pf ask Antonio mwanza. He was on radio saying people are suffering and sleeping hungry. So better to steal. Free money you haven’t worked for. Handouts, short cuts, theft.

  2. It’s not beyond the realm of possibilities for the hungry pack of PF wolves to start stealing from their leaders. The thieving PF clowns invented “tantameni” using plundered national assets which are no longer at their disposal. The hungry cadres are conditioned to continue expecting hand-outs regardless of how they manifest.

  3. It’s shocking that ba MWAMBA has conveniently chosen to forget the nature of the PF. Its not a secret PF stage managed the gassing and killing of innocent Zambians. The rot was only stopped by the citizens when they killed some suspects. PF also burnt markets and destroyed people’s livelihoods. So, stealing 2 televisions from their leader whom they knew had travelled can never be a challenge by those thugs PF raised.

    I can’t image the residence of a former Head of State without a gen set, not even 1 local dog and security cameras besides human security both for the State and his private ones. More questions arise here.


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