Chishala kateka


New Heritage Party president, Chishala Kateka, says overlooking insults and demeaning comments is a virtue that every leader must cultivate.

Reflecting on her visit Tuesday evening to National Democratic Congress leader Saboi Imboela who has been detained for hate speech, Kateka questions why politics have become toxic.

She says that in as much as she finds some comments by Imboela regarding the President, rather provocative, she condemns the manner those in authority have responded.

Kateka states that despite what the law says about the defamation of the President, there is no leader who has not been insulted, noting that previous Zambian Presidents chose to take another path by overlooking those with negative utterances.

She airs that these arrests are sending a very wrong signal to the persona of the President, adding that it is always the bigger person, in this case, the Head of State that does the overlooking.


  1. It’s unafrican, unZambian and unBiblical to insult Leaders! Try to go and insult your Chief in the village and see what happens to you!
    The definition of ‘normal’ by some of our failed politicians is illogical! Their warpt ideologies are mainly a result of foreign influence. Just because they insult Leaders in other countries does not make it the right thing to do!
    It’s time we get grounded in our good African values which are well-aligned with Biblical values! It shall remain taboo in Africa to allow insults against leadership! Try to insult your own father also and see what happens!
    God’s Commandment of “Honour thy Father and Mother,” is the standard God set for respect for Authority! God is the Author of Authority! Insulting Authority is not different from blaspheming the Name of God!
    If you want to continue calling yourselves a Christian Nation, you should understand that defamation of the Presidency is a sin!

    • I can’t see how a person can grow and become an adult without knowing that insulting another person is wrong worse still someone who is older than yourself/ a leader. A person like where are his/her children going to learn manners from? People like that are classified as young adults.

  2. Wait a minute, are you saying the president is the one who tells the police who to arrest or it is the law?
    I don’t know what you want the president to do. If he interferes with the law, you will be the first one to blame him. HH wants to repeal this law, the first president in Zambia to even talk about repealing the law. I don’t know what you want HH to do. It is like he sits down he is wrong, he stands up he is wrong, what do you want him to do?

  3. Isn’t she the same woman who cried when she was told her conducting a lone protest was a sign of s. x,. l starvation…

  4. Hey Kateka, you are the last credible woman leader politician remaining in Zambia. Always watch and make intelligent statements. You still have what it takes to show good liberal politics but I hear you.


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