By Oliver Chisenga

THE Drug Enforcement Commission in Lusaka have interviewed media personality Mutale Mwanza at the Anti-Money Laundering unit.

Mutale appeared following summons by DEC in the company of her lawyers at 12:50 hours.

She said it Was not a crime to be ambitious and enterprising as a woman.

She wondered why it is seemingly normal for men to aspire for greatness as well as be filthy rich while the same should not apply to women.

Mutale, who co-hosts Tuvwange on DStv’s Zambezi Magic, urged society to learn to appreciate hard work, especially when it involves a girl child rather than engage in witch hunts.

“Life should not be like this, the pull him down syndrome is retrogressive to the nation. I work hard, that is what people should know…it doesn’t stop me from reaching greater heights. This is what we should be teaching the girl child; morals not ubu ubuloshi tulemona (witchcraft we are seeing). Yes, I have been here and been interviewed for the last two hours but can’t comment further as the matter is ongoing. I must say the interview was cordial,” said Mutale before leaving DEC Headquarters.

Mutale was quizzed from about 12:50 hours to 14:55 hours.


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