Zambia's First President Kenneth David Kaunda (right) with first SADC lawyer graduate and Minister of Home Affairs Mainza Chona.

Selfless Politicians.

I rarely make comments about my father especially if I could be seen to boasting about his good natured heart but today allow me my thought.

This morning I decided to visit his graveyard where he is buried next to my grandmother (my grandfather right behind grandma’s grave). I had work to do so I decided to start off at 6:30. My father’s graveyard is actually 28km from Monze town but I had to make that allowance because of the road.

As I drove, the road is fairly good until I approached a patch 7km from the village. I then became frustrated with the slow pace and asked myself a question. “My father was once the second most powerful man in this country but why didn’t he build a good road to his village?” I called Swithin Haangala to vent and emphasized that in the entire trip to my father’s graveyard, the worst part of the road is actually the part in front of my grand mother’s house.

My brother Swithin answered me in one sentence. “National development agenda was bigger than the village development agenda”.

It was the hope of our forefathers that common infrastructure be built so that in future, village development could be realised. I was comforted and it brought me back to present day. Is national development agenda still focus for most politicians?

I heard a rumour recently of a connected official (not even closer in rank to a Vice President), influencing construction of a street in Chilala because a girlfriend lives there.

When all is said and done I pray one day my father’s sacrifice for the sake of country can be rewarded by a good road for us his children to safely drive home.

A simple need being requested.

I pray someone influential reads this.

God bless.


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