Choma, 02.07.2022

Four New Apostolic Churches in three provinces across Zambia have been given four Marcopolo Buses courtesy of My Home Town organisation.

My Home Town Founder, James Ndambo handed over one bus to Petauke in Eastern Province, one to Kabwe of Central Province and two to Choma district in Southern Province.

Southern Province Minister, Cornelius Mweetwa graced the handover of the buses, flanked by Tourism Minister, Rodney Sikumba at Mr. Ndambo’s Mambushi farms in Choma Saturday afternoon.

Former Information Minister, Dora Siliya, a member of My Home Town received the bus on behalf of Petauke.

Former Minister of Finance Margret Mwanakatwe was among the notables at the event attended by My Home Town members from different parts of the World.

Africa Media, 2nd July 2022.


  1. We salute our real son of the soil. We are really proud to have such Zambians. Zambia can go very far if the haves can emulate this man.

  2. Why is Mr Ndambo applying for Congolese
    Nationality?Why can’t he come back to Zambia?
    Home is Home at the end of the day.Just come
    Back to Zambia.

  3. Mr. Ndambo’s visit to Zambia was well organized and well planned and you can see that the man has the heart for his relatives and Zambians at large. He has put to shame some of these useless guys who ran away from the diaspora and came back to Zambia with nothing but just to make noise in the name of being politicians or opposition leaders.
    Mr. Ndambo, I salute you for your good gesture, you are just an exemplary individual. I just want to urge you to extend your generosity to rural communities and assist schools, health centres, Agric camps etc. You can sink bores, build modern palaces for some chiefs and offer scholarships to the best pupils instead of just focusing on beauty queens. Remember our current President emerged from the village, I guess even you originated from the village.

  4. Only time will tell, nothing wrong with giving but with too much publicity the real motive will be revealed later even much much later.

  5. Blessed is the hand that giveth, regardless of motive!
    Sad that his worst enemies are fellow Zambians. But we succeed because of enemies! Enemies keep us out of our comfort zones!
    We have to use the venom of our enemies as manure to grow!
    That’s the wisdom in what Jesus taught: Love your enemies! Do good to those who hate you!
    Don’t repay evil for evil!
    Judge not!
    It’s the storm of our enemies which should enable us soar even higher!

  6. I think it is better to give a lot of scholarships than this spending, how many young people could have been educated with all this spending from this man, anyway its his money, we can not tell him what to do with it


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