Hachiinda – Mbabala, 26.06.2022
Hachiinda New Apostolic Church has opened to the community in Choma’s Mbabala Constituency.
This is one of the two churches that My Home Town Founder and Africa Union Holding Group of Companies Chairperson, James Ndambo has built for the community in the area.

He commissioned the church, which is fitted with solar powered boreholes among other facilities to provide locals with clean water.
Mr. Ndambo, whose Mother hailed from Mbabala area of Choma, said he wants to make sure rural livelihood is improved so that locals do not envy migrating to urban areas.

The local church at Hachiinda have also disclosed plans to start a fish pond with the water that has been made available to the community.

Meanwhile, Esther Moono Siasikoma says this is the first time she has witnessed such level of generosity and has thanked My Home Town for remembering his birthplace.

Mr Ndambo a Choma born, South Africa based Multinational Business Tycoon arrived in Choma yesterday ahead of a Beauty Pageant on 2nd July 2022 sponsored by My Home Town.
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  1. Truly this Man knows how to connect with hus audience. The choice of the local language, rather than Englush in his speech is an affirmation of ingenuity. Many a speaker would have spoken in English and let the translation flow in the local language. But being an astute speaker he knows the locals must hear from him first hand and therefore choose to address them in the local language. Bravo in contrast this reminds me how Madam inonge Wina as Vice President when in Western Province would address the locals in English amd allow translation in Silozi. This was her notmal feature throughout her reign as Vice President.


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