Sikazwe suffered low blood pressure – CAF sources

ZAMBIAN FIFA referee Janny Sikazwe has been discovered to have low blood pressure which made him stop the Mali/Tunisia match before time, official sources at the ongoing Africa cup of nations have revealed.

Sikazwe has been widely condemned for the manner he handled the match on Wednesday
The situation was further compounded by the higher humidity levels in Limbe as the high tempo match was in progress, which could have affected his judgement.

Sikazwe twice ended the match prematurely with Tunisia losing 1-0, which infuriated the Tunisian team who refused to come back and play out the remainder of additional time and drew wide condemnation from soccer lovers across the globe.

A CAF source said Sikazwe underwent further ECG scans late afternoon on Thursday to ascertain his health status.

“He was discovered to have suffered low BP immediately after the match and underwent further tests today, he is still under medical attention,” the source said.

CAF had earlier on Thursday released a statement, saying relevant authorities were still collecting information before making conclusions.

‘’In relation to the TotalEnergies Africa Cup of Nations match between Tunisia and Mali played in Limbe on 12 January 2022, CAF is gathering all the necessary reports from the officials at the match,’’ read the CAF statement in part. ‘’CAF is forwarding these documents to the competent bodies of CAF. At this stage, CAF is not in a position to make further comment until the responsible bodies indicate the way forward.’’

Credit: The Mast


    • That has been my argument all along. This excuse is as flimsy as they come.

      So this blood pressure suddenly dropped in the 85th minute? And recovered till the 89th minute?

      FIFA should have protocol for such events. Maybe 4th official could have taken over for the last one minute?

      We need to find out the real reasons.

  1. The low BP was long after the match had finished not during. If he wasn’t feeling well why not just go to the fourth official and tell him to take over? First the excuse was heat stroke now its BP. There was nothing but corruption involved here just like in 2018.

  2. I feel pity for the young talented Zambia referee.You see pipo will always make fun of the situation when someone’s health is in shambles .Fact of the matter is that Sikazwe may have more enemies than friends as he has been outstanding and in limelight.Some enemies may be behind his predicament.Juju is v much rife.Pi can only wish him quick recovery n thereafter reflect and decide the way forward.Health is worthier than riches.Family needs him more than his enemies do.This is my view on the matter.

  3. It is very disappointing to read the negative comments made towards Mr.Sikazwe. Anyway am not surprised because Zambians have PHD (Pull Him Down) syndrome. People are worried about their status as Zambians than the health of Mr.Sikazwe.

  4. Be fair guys the man was sick and stop messing around with BP, problem pa Zed too much fake politics you want to take politics now in the field. Wake up you sleeping giants and come out of the wedlock alaaaaaaaaa.Our man was sick period and stop useless criticism.


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