By Innocent Phiri -IP

Armed Police Officers have now placed Peteuke Central Member of Parliament Hon. Emmanuel Jay Banda in a Maternity Ward at Sikanze Health Post, a move which has angered his family members who are wondering and demanding to know why a male Patient is being held in a female ward.

Speaking to KBN TV News Mr. Banda’s relatives allege that it’s clear that the State is determined to do evil on the lawmaker going by the actions being exhibited through the Police.

They have charged that there is no justification why a male adult could be forcefully admitted into a Maternity Ward when there are several dignified health facilities.

The family has vowed to fight on and ensure justice for their relative prevails despite the humiliation he is being subjected to.

They have also narrated that Police earlier today brutally moved the lawmerker from Maina Soko hospital to Sikanze Health Post for unknown reasons.

-Kbn Tv


  1. JJ Banda is nit sick. He is a crook and a criminal. He must be put in cells. He together with accomplices faked the abdication. That’s why the PF wants him out if government hands so that he is tortured on what to say. The whole thing was a PF project which will soon backfire badly.

  2. Your fellow crook a criminal for that matter does not even deserve to be treated in whatever health facility you are suggesting or talking about. He was automatically at a better facility MAINA SOKO MILITARY HOSPITAL and for You, because of your benefit you want to portray as if you are doing the majority Zambians a service by your crooked way of reporting yet you are just serving your own belly. Infact for your own information not just from the look of things, but from fact it’s known – benefiting from criminals is a crime or sin – it’s not good baba.

    You will one day realise your evil deeds but it will be too late

    • Kumalo, I think it is JJ who must come out openly, that will help him, his family, and friends. This gimmick of kambwilizing by the rowdy opposition clowns must be cubed. The circus must be stopped.

      Look at Kambwili, the master, the disciples: “Shoni” Tembo, Nawakwi, JJ, and many more to come, playing kafwa bubela game. The country needs honest people in parliament and in leadership across the board.

  3. Advice J.J to tell the truth about his so called abduction. He will be set free but the truth needs to come out. Why? Who? What was it going to benefit them etc etc.

  4. Jay Jay Banda is pretending to be unwell and sick to avoid arrest. It is common among politicians and well to do people in our society when they commit crimes and are arrested they fake sickness and some collapse. The government through law agencies should ensure that the rule of law is applied fairly to all citizens. In terms of jail sentencing and application of the law it seems the law and the prison is meant for the poor people. We have seen courts acting swiftly when prosecuting and jailing the poor while politicians and the rich law breakers are let free by unnecessary court adjournments and also through issuance of police bond and court bails why is it like that.

    It is common sense that Jay Jay Banda is guilty of committing crimes and now he knows that the law has caught up with him he is putting up tricks to delay delivery of justice. Jay Jay Banda ‘s family members and the PF should not be quick to lament and complain about police brutality but should allow the law to take its course. PF thugs and hooligans have no regard for the respect of the rule of law.

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