Jay Jay Banda Discharged from Hospital, Taken into Police Custody

Emanuel JJ Banda

Jay Jay Banda in Police Custody

Discharge and Custody of Honourable Jay Banda

June 19, 2024-The Zambia Police Service wishes to inform the public that Honourable Jay Banda has been discharged from Maina Soko Medical Centre this morning. He is currently in police custody.

Honourable Jay Banda was admitted to Maina Soko Medical Centre for medical treatment. After receiving the necessary medical care and being deemed fit for discharge by the attending medical professionals, Honourable Banda was released from the medical centre and taken into police custody.

The Zambia Police Service is committed to ensuring a thorough and transparent investigation.
Rae Hamoonga


  1. We shall wait for investigations as the matter is better handled by the police.Us ordinary and incompetent laymen in investigations may just speculate nothing but lies.

  2. Please ZP. do not let this man get away with his pretense illness.were it me or any common Zambian you would not tolerate that. Let him reveal what really happened and who the master mind was. Does JJ think because of him Zambia can burn? LOL


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