Jay Jay BANDA SCANDAL- Fred M’membe


In the recent past, we have listened to recordings between senior government officials and a cabinet minister making rounds on social media.

We have also seen press briefings from the same senior government officials and a cabinet minister trying to vindicate themselves on official government media.

The question I beg to ask is: What interest was it for these government officials and a minister to involve themselves in the alleged abduction of Jay Jay ? What generated this interest to interfere with police investigations?

Surprisingly, many political opponents of Mr Hakainde Hichilema have been arrested and detained, and we have never seen any government official involving themselves. So again, I ask, what is so special about the Jay Jay case? They refused access to Jay Jay in hospital from many close friends but allowed government officials to have free access. Why?

Assuming these officials were called as they claim in their press briefings, why did they not refer those who called them to the police since the matter is under police investigations?

Is this the Zambia and democracy we want whereby the police are conducting investigations, and at the same time, the executive is also conducting parallel investigations? How can the police conduct independent investigations whilst the executive is conducting parallel investigations?

Interestingly, the government officials and the minister in their recorded investigations keep referring to the “Boss,” meaning the President. So if the boss is not involved, why mention him?

It is also highly illegal for third parties to interfere with police investigations. In a functioning democracy with proper leadership, the senior government officials and a minister would have either resigned or fired, but in the Hakainde era, anything is possible.

I leave it to the public to judge this prevailing criminal conduct, which unfortunately police will not take any action, and the so-called boss will remain numb.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. This is a very cheap scheme to involve government, let alone the president in.
    These simple questions do not need a painful search for the truth:
    1. Which government entertained rogue behaviour, the current or immediate past?
    2. Which Government Officials carry more respect than the others, the current or the Previous?
    3. Which government promised more money in the pockets of Zambians but ended up lining their own pockets to an extent that they used the excess to light fires and spread on beds?
    4. Which government transformed the poorest entrants into government institutions into the richest?
    5. Which government tolerated murders of those perceived to be enemies of their party?
    6. Can JJ be more trusted than the people being accused of abducting him?
    7. Is JJ’s past clean?
    8. Are those people who are trying to involve the president in this cheap scheme not a part of people that have contributed to the poor performance of the economy? Fred, Zambian Airways and ZRA issues are written all over your face and your joining politics is rather for personal survival from these heinous crimes rather than serving the Zambian People.
    It is true for many other men in today’s opposition in Zambia.
    Your colleague stole a widow’s benefits, literally sending her to die in poverty, he was identified by that opposition gang of thieves as one of their kind and therefore the one that could lead the plunder crusade the way he did (UKULYA MWIBALA!), and he did just that!
    After three years of quiet, he didn’t know where to spend the money because it was too much. He organized a jogging scheme where those in their circles could easily go and move some of those suitcases of cash to safer havens without suspicion.
    Then it transformed into market and street sneak- ins before graduating to the big boys in the church. Believe it or not, those boys are eating big from ‘Kasaka ka Ndalama’. They can not keep quiet but say anything to paint HH black even when they know that they are just being either tribal or meeting their obligations to carry out their master’s programs. They have forgotten Christ because they are Judas bound. They are betraying the whole country.

  2. Dr. M’membe does have a point. What were the government officials, especially the Permanent Secretaries, doing meddling in the Jay Jay case? Is it their business to cut deals while the police are conducting investigations?

    It is clear that the officials donot know the boundaries of their authority and responsibilities. In case they don’t realise this, the government officials are undermining the integrity of the police investigations.


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