By Mwaka Ndawa

THE Constitutional Court has affirmed the decision of High Court judge Kazimbe Chenda to declare Joseph Malanji’s election as Kwacha Constituency PF member of parliament void for not possessing a grade 12 certificate during his re-election

Constitutional Court vice-president Margaret Munalula on behalf of the majority ruled that judge Chenda cannot be censured for determining Malanji’s eligibility to contest in the August 12, 2021 general elections as he did not possess the requisite academic qualification when filing in nomination papers in line with Article 70(1)(d) of the Constitution.

She said Malanji had a chance to prove that he had the school certificate (Form 5) at the time of his re-election but did not do so neither is there evidence on the record of appeal.

Judge Mungeni Mulenga has dissented the decision of the majority.
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  1. Let the bonanza roll, there will be an outbreak of handouts in Nkana for the next 90 days….. Oops no such luck under new dawn….

  2. This reflects badly on the institution that managed the elections, ECZ. The men and women at ECZ should resign in disgrace. There’s need to appoint credible men and women of high integrity to be in charge of the institution.

    • Does not only reflect badly but confirms what we have been saying all along about the fraudulent elections and results Chulu and his fellow thieves were claiming to have. 2021 proved difficult for them to steal, but 2015 and 2016, PF and ECL stole and never won those elections. Ask the Ugandan in the server room and ask Chulu on the fake figures for Lundazi and many other areas he was shamelessly announcing knowing deep inside his heart that they were fake. These idiots need to be locked up for treason.

  3. Once upon a time, the ‘mwankolez’ soared higher above the law; amazingly, even those without wings flew over the law and descended their droppings over it with impunity. But praise be to God, ati ‘nshiku tashichela mumo’. It came to pass that the managers of the land refused to renew their contract on 11 Aug 2021, and this day marked the expiring date for the self-granted permit of flying above the law. Now that the law has taken its flight above each and every mwankole… hey! wina azamyanga dust like a cursed serpent kkkkkk……

  4. Truth being reveled. What is mind boggling is how ECZ managed to allow such candidates to contest, while knowing they did not qualify in the first place. Someone from ECZ needs to give answers concerning this illegality. Now that the constitutional Court has confirmed the illegality.

    What was going on in this institution?

    • We would like a audit of the minimum qualifications of the MPs in Parliament. We are now not confident that we have the right skill set there. If this was allowed to sail through it is possible this strategy was repeated with a few whom we are not sure truely qualified for their grade twelve.

  5. Yaba elo just they other day baletinya amaChurch ati no more donations. So were and how to campaign? Ama helicopter Mary alipoka, ichalo ichi!!!

  6. These are the same laws that PF made to simply disqualify some opponents, now it has turned out that one of their own has fallen prey to the same law. Reminds me of the days when MMD under FTJ came with a non bailable offence for vehicles to simply punish Mactribouy (not sure the spelling). Only the law to end up fixing one them! This grade 12 law is retrogressive because of these men and women have acquired other qualifications beyond high school.

  7. FORM 5 is important and alternatively, GCSE is available every year. Why can’t put your brains to work by writing. Life has standards to follow.

  8. YOU TRIBAL COHORTS, IT SAYS AT THE TIME OF ELECTIONS. However in the minority Judgment, Constitutional Court Judge Mugeni Mulenga said that the trial judge erred in law to shift the burden of proof to Mr. Malanji, as the petitioner, UPND Candidate Charles Mulenga should have provided proof that the appellant did not have a Grade 12 certificate. Nullification was based on that fact. To make Africans yap, hide detailed information and they will yap big time.

  9. He already knew the outcome that’s why he had already started dishing out stolen money to churches in anticipation of a by election.


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