Judith Kabemba follows Harry Kalaba to Citizens First

Harry Kalaba


It looks the battle is far from ending between Harry Kalaba and his former Deputy in Democratic Party (DP) Jidith Kabemba, reports Martha Banda.

Kabemba has now followed Kalaba to Citizen First party where he announced recently that he was it’s leader and presidential candidate.

“My comrade Citizen First was recently formed by Mr Fred Mubanga the one who was DP candidate for Kabwata in 2021. So CF was given its certificate on 22nd September 2022 after he applied last year with the Registrar of Societies. Mr Fred died on 13th October this year,” says Kabemba.

She explains that according to the constitution of CF one can only be President after being a member of the party for 5 years and should have been elected at a convention with 6000 delegates.

This puts Kalaba in an alkward position as he risks going into 2026 with his candidature hanging in balance.

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  1. Kalaba I think kamba vachendi. . . . what is going na Kabemba? Akukonka naku new party ka? Nobody in your party can stand in 2026. . .

    But then am sure there is a provision in your constitution on amendment of the constitution right?

  2. What makes them enemies is much bigger than what brought them together. What with that accusation of skin on skin? Kaya.

  3. I pray for the deliverance of the two from the spirit of self destruction. Kabemba madam, may God deliver from the obsession to destroy kalaba and may God give you the spirit of forgiveness. Kalaba sir I pray that God give you the wisdom to go to kabemba and say sorry and seek reconciliation. The two may God give you wisdom to know that you are meant to build each other and not to destry each other or may be destruct each. May you give each other freedom and space to be useful to mother Zambia. Amen

  4. This obsession of fighting Kalina has just gotten out of hand. He is out of the party DP and now has formed another party. Allow them to deal with with own in house issues. This lady’s persistence to follow this man is becoming dangerous and can be termed as interference in the operations of an independent party.

    Otherwise, we may be dealing with an issue of personal grauges. Why can’t this lady settle down and concentrate on building her own political party. It is not making any logical sense that she is speaking on matters that does not concern her at all.

    What really transpired between these two which is so compelling for them to treat each other with such open hatred. This is now an obsession which needs to be addressed by law enforcement officers before things get ugly. Levels of tolerance have limits.. Vacating a space of a hostile opponent is an immediate solution to deal with^ tension. To be followed around and attacked in a new location is another matter that calls for self defence. This issue is unnecessary and only needs a restraining order so that she does not continue stalking this politician. This is turning out to be bizarre and worrying.


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