Harry Kalaba

Judith Kabemba Wrote;

One of the worst pain in life a woman can go through is to be raped by a man she trusts as her leader. A man she thought would defend her interest. To use your position and charms against innocent women and later call them names is not only wicked but evil

I want to tell all of you that are saying she insulted that provocation even in a murder case is considered.

Now the day you will hear that your wife, your daughter or your sister was raped by her boss you will learn to shut up and learn what provocation is and what it does.
I put you on that waiting list and wait to see your reaction when someone does that.

To all women who have suffered sexual harassment or rape especially in politics and in DP to be particular I stand with you.

Thank God Today we are all vindicated and peace has come. Let’s stand strong and condemn men who think women are sexual tools.

Given a chance I will not only talk but castrate him for the innocent women he harassed


  1. Madam while “we” digest your write up you seem not to have spilt the entire dish of beans. Be clear if you were a victim and by who?

  2. Who raped you Judith? Why did you not report this to the police? Judith, you are not a child. Neither are you a country bumpkin to try and hide this to avoid bringing disrepute to the family. Why have you not reported this before, and why are you now telling us this today? It looks like you will really miss Harry Kalaba as DP President and you are now scared to remain alone. Ba Judith muli bakulu, lekeni ukuisebanya nemwe.

  3. Wait first don’t defend yourself before anything is said. It is like there
    are a lot things we don’t know.

  4. This woman is a liar. After all the back and forth with Harry Kalaba, she never brought this up and didn’t even report to the police?
    Even in her write up, she isn’t directly accusing anyone but wants to label HK as a rapist. She is choosing her words correctly because she can’t be sued here.

    • Judith is a very smart woman. After beating Kalaba for the DP title, she is now tearing him to pieces. And shd is doing it in a smart way – she has not named who rsped or sexually harrassed who. It could be Kalaba raping her or some other man on Kalaba’s side raping women on her side. The net is wide. But one thing for sure is that Judith has exposed the sexual harrassment women go through all political parties.

      • There is nothing smart about this reckless move. We saw this with Saboi who claimed that UPND ministers were sleeping with women at a named Hotel in Lusaka.
        When you begin peddling lies like that and don’t review who you are talking about, you are doing it for political mileage.
        Judith is the same person who also made a claim that HK uttered tribal remarks and she has failed to substantiate them.
        Only Kateka makes sense as a woman politician.

  5. But Harry K has always stood on the platform of morality. He resigned from PF on moral grounds becoz he could not stand thieves. If Harry is innocent he should sue Judith for defamation because those are serious insinuations. Failure to sue like Fred did against Winter will lead people to believe hypothesis 1 but if H.K broke commandment #7 he should go to the priest and confess his sins.

  6. There is no beans spilled here. This sounds like a frustrated woman trying to draw attention. More popcorns please!

  7. Chilufya you are very right – I think she has a serious problem. In addition, so if Kalaba had won, this lady would have been the Republican Vice President? Did she get the VP position in the DP due to consensual conjugal favors? How can somebody at her level use such unpalatable language? Let us see the future of DP with Mama JUdith Kabemba at the helm.

  8. John Phiri – It was sweet at that time. So, actually this woman is not as intelligent as she looks? She was worked on for political favors?


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