Harry Kalaba

Judith Kabemba Wrote;

One of the worst pain in life a woman can go through is to be raped by a man she trusts as her leader. A man she thought would defend her interest. To use your position and charms against innocent women and later call them names is not only wicked but evil

I want to tell all of you that are saying she insulted that provocation even in a murder case is considered.

Now the day you will hear that your wife, your daughter or your sister was raped by her boss you will learn to shut up and learn what provocation is and what it does.
I put you on that waiting list and wait to see your reaction when someone does that.

To all women who have suffered sexual harassment or rape especially in politics and in DP to be particular I stand with you.

Thank God Today we are all vindicated and peace has come. Let’s stand strong and condemn men who think women are sexual tools.

Given a chance I will not only talk but castrate him for the innocent women he harassed


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