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Morning Zambia!
Yesterday I made an earnest appeal to government to step back and do some introspection into the presidential turnout at the just ended AU Summit. As anticipated, besides my reminder for a time out to trigger happy attackers, I received a barrage of messages questioning my motive from people who clearly need to understand how diplomacy works. I want to take some time to share my experience to those who will care to read and listen on how these summits are managed.

While the AU has a standing list of the expected dignitaries including heads of state, it is the duty of the host country to appoint an envoy who is sent to the different countries to seek their participation. This is a gesture of goodwill to the would be participant. The task the special envoy has is to make a representation on behalf of the hosting country and seeking the participation of other heads of state.

In this regard, President Hakainde should have assigned his senior diplomat in Hon. Kakubo to visit all the countries whose presidents should have attended the Lusaka summit to lobby their Presidents to attend the summit. It is at this stage where pertinent issues are equally brought to the would be participants to seek their support ahead of the meeting.

International Diplomacy is therefore a factor of personal engagement and relationship building. It is this aspect that makes a difference between successful events and those that flop like the just ended Lusaka summit. By contrast this country has held successful international events and the New Dawn government should have simply engaged those with the relevant expertise and institutional memory to help with the preparation for the AU Summit.

While we failed to reach out to other countries within the region to lobby for their heads of state to attend the AU Summit in Lusaka, the President had the time and energy to invite himself on a Europe tour which resulted in his request to visit France being rejected owing to elections that where taking place in that country. This is yet another example of failure to understand diplomacy. The New Dawns government’s random actions of fraternizing the West, have resulted in Zambia being alienated from the rest of Africa.

It is this aspect that requires serious introspection. President Hakainde has the inescapable duty of building the nation and ensuring the country continues to enjoy good relations with her neighbors and no amount of attack on the opposition will change that.

This country was build on the values and principles of Pan Africanism, any responsible leader would make frantic efforts to preserve that than seek to have the country recolonized. What will it benefit us to win accolades from the West but lose our place on the Pan African table? It is my humble call to the President to take stock of his action and realize that Zambia is in Africa.

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  1. Is this the man Kabemba is accusing of masquerading as DP president? Kalaba give credit where it due and what is your comment on the recruitment of 30496 teachers?

  2. “The New Dawns government’s random actions of fraternizing the West, have resulted in Zambia being alienated from the rest of Africa.” From Kalaba.
    These criticisms are just baseless and downright stupid. If you can’t find legitimate criticism, keep quiet.

    Are these opposition idiots so stupid that they now want the government of Zambia to only speak to African countries? The same ones criticizing held bilateral engagements with Western countries prior. Kalaba is a hypocrite, as he was Minister of Foreign Affairs who arranged these meetings for various purposes.

  3. I always say that most of these opposition leaders are jokers. Non of them are fitting to be president of this great country. The one who will take over from upnd wont be any of these jokers I assure you. Most enlightened citizens nolonger want a joker to president of this country. Ba kalaba it was so funny to see you at the police station reporting judith kabemba for what she said about you. We all know what you said and we don’t want leaders who are tribal. Failing to run a simple party like dp and you are here making noise, what a joke.

  4. Thank you Hon. Kalaba for speaking truth to power. When Thabo Mbeki was here for KK’s Inaugural Lectures he bemoaned the waning zeal for Pan-Africanism when he asked “where are the political forces for pan-Africanism? where are they? I am not seeing them.” He said this at a public lecture programme organisers announced President HH was going to attend. But President HH ended up snubbing the local organizers of this event and former South African President Mbeki. The event was right at Mulungushi International Conference Centre right here in Lusaka but President HH chose to excuse himself from the event at the eleventh hour. President HH is more interested in taking long trips to Europe and America to meet Bazungus so that they cheer him on for selling the countries minerals to them. But he saw no need, as Hon Kalaba has rightly indicated, to send his Foreign Affairs Minister to African countries impress upon leaders of other African countries on the importance of attending the just ended AU summit and inviting them to attend. In the circumstances, we are persuaded by the well-thought out posting of Hon. Kalaba to repeat the question of President Mbeki by asking in relation to the country’s current leadership, “where are the political forces of Pan-Africanism in Zambia today? Where indeed are they under the more western-oriented UPND and President HH?”

    • If the African leaders still need to be impressed upon to attend then it’s bullshit for them to attend. You attend because you need to support a cause.

      • Awe sure, their time is long past. Let HH drive this country way he sees fit. Wait for your turn.
        And trust me, the govt machinery is still functioning and all you have said happened. But presidents will attend as they see it fit. Iam sure they communicated to their brother. When chiluba took over govt, people thought he would not manage. He went on to finish wars in Angola and somehow in DRC. HH will come right

  5. President suffers from poor judgment when it comes to matters that affect the African continent. As former South African President Thabo Mbeki aptly put, “you cannot expect your star to shine when other countries on the continent are not succeeding”. This is more so given Zambia’s position surrounded by other countries and with no coastline.

    • “When the debate (presidential elections) end, slander becomes the tool of the losers” Socrates.
      What else can out of kalaba and other bitter lossers? You shall know them by their fruits.

  6. I wrote off Kalaba the time Michael Sata died and there were two splinter groups fighting to take over, Guy Scott and ECL groups. Kalaba was in the ECL group that was against Guy Scott. The way he conducted himself was so disappointing that from that time I have never looked at him as a leader worth any salt.

  7. As the Saying goes: “Only Napoleon is fit to crown Napoleon”, I see bonse batampa uku ichita crown already in advance ahead of 2026: HK8, nabambi abo ati FM8! I am sure in no time we will have a String of crowns or Clowns: CT8, SET8; ii mayo kuti washalila, ni Sangwapo, I am also crowning myself: SS8

  8. Kalaba you are the flop yourself with your grade 7 diplomacy.

    If there is a meeting, there is a meeting owners of the meeting must attend. Why should they be cajoled to attend??

    Pan Africanism has its place and I don’t think spoon feeding is the way to go. Holding the AU summit itself is Pan-Africanism. What more do you you want??

    So now success of a summit is now based on number of attendants not what was actually achieved??

    So you Kalaba attended many AU. Share what success was achieved apart from some Presidents some of who attend for allowances only and a time off from their national problems??

    Yes HH did well to go to EU to go and lobby for funds some of which we are beginning to see start moving. Regionally, Tshishekedi was here, do what other presidents do you want to come, for what when HH has already been there they have discussed and concluded??

    HH has said many time his is economic diplomacy. That’s what you must attack not this attendance register issue grade 7 level fake diplomacy

    Floppy tribalist Kalaba we have not forgotten about your tribal rantings

  9. I once spoke privately to Kalaba when he was proudly telling the Nation that Zambia’s envoy has been rejected by the US government. He was bragging that he knew how diplomacy worked , and he was certain of his assessment.
    As it turned out to be, that was a lie. The PF was right in their rebuttal of Kalaba.
    I then stopped trusting him

  10. He is a registry clerk at cabinet office. If you don’t know what registry clerks do, in boma, zambia it is those guys who and wait for one to call for a file on particular subject.

    They are the read and write fellas, no special qualities or skills. See, this guy harry always petty. When he was at foreign affairs, he would address staff, telling them that whether they liked it or not, he was their Boss.

    Then one day he stormed accounts department demanding why he was being paid late before each trip, shouting, l know tamufwayafye ukusumina ati ninebo Boss wenu.

    Ala, this ka harry is really a petty. Why are there so many north westerners and lozis at this ministry, he asked in a meeting as minister. What followed was a disastrous purge of whoever harry felt represented that region.

    Those who think kambwili is tribal and this ka shortty is better, ask anyone from the three ministries he served in.

    Saudi Arabia donated and ka uncle driver took all stuff to his village. The processes he is referring to are not like one has to go to school to know. He even protested to go to a function and officiate at a national day.

    We had problems to tell him he couldn’t go. Kafitala, temperamental and full of threats. Amono kukanwa yes but thinking processes, memorizing processes maybe

  11. baKalaba nalaba, ati how many votes did you get in the 2021 elections? Ndeibukisha baECL broke the whole time 30 yr record held by baKK (667k votes loss), and he lost by 1m votes! Is it not fair to ask you to SHUT UP!!??

  12. Isn’t it funny how the PF vuvuzelas who were SO quiet during the teacher recruitment success are now on here talking out their asses?

  13. I thought Kalaba would be a good opposition leader. But this man has proved to be an extremely troubled and useless chap.

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