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By Scoop Reporter

PARTY of National Unity and Progress (PNUP) president Highvie Hamududu has advised Government to ignore people like Sean Tembo and concentrate on improving the economy.

Mr. Hamududu says this is because the final loser in this case will be Government and the human rights record of the country.

“Government must concentrate on its main obligation to its people, improving the economy, creating opportunities, and improving public service delivery, to mention but a few,” Mr. Hamududu said.


    FDD leader Edith Nawakwi is wondering whether Inspector General of Police Lemmy Kajoba has suddenly developed ovaries to be offended by the use of the word menstruation.

    “I think that it’s primitive for the President to take us back to the days when we young girls then used to hide our monthly status because it was taboo…for even brothers or fathers to know that you are having your monthly periods,” Nawakwi said to Daily Revelation Media, adding that the President and his ministers have even allocated money towards purchasing of sanitary towels to be distributed in schools, which she said was one rare policy “where Hakainde has not found it necessary to call it Lungus evil. He has embraced this particular policy.”

    She said it was primitive to start arresting people who “want to lighten” the moment and make it possible by using metaphors that male parents and brothers should not feel that their young sisters monthly status is a taboo.

    Nawakwi said male teachers should be sensitive to the girl child’s need in as far as the “menstruation cycles are concerned” saying she found it pity that “Hakainde Hichilema can on one hand authorize the Ministry of Finance to purchase sanitary towels and on the other hand the dream that it is a criminal offence to mention the same word.

    “And as far as I am concerned there is no president in this country called Bally..let them get it straight. We don’t have a Bally here. Who is Bally? Who is damn Bally? We have a President of the Republic of Zambia called Hakainde Hichilema,” Nawakwi said. “Me I don’t know who damn Bally is. Yes! So I can say useless Bally. Thick headed Bally. I am not insulting my president because there is no one in the statute of the Republic of Zambia who has been given the insignia of power as comrade Bally. So it’s actually useless even for these officers who are being sent to execute fictitious defamation issues. It just shows a sense of dullness…the police they know it they are not that thick headed.”

    She argued against the statement by Inspector General of Police Lemmy Kajoba that his duty was to maintain law and order, questioning what disorder anyone has committed by saying monthly period.

    “He should say. Nanga all of a sudden the IG has ovaries that he’s offended? This Bally is he male or female? You know me I wear Bally shoes eh, so when you say Bally, I relate that to my shoes. Is this shoe male or female? If he’s female there is no way you can be offended by having being told the truth that monthly you have periods,” Nawakwi said. “But if he is male he should just take it as a joke, if this Bally is a male. The way our Mwanawasa used to say. We would go to High Court with cabbages in our hands and say ‘he’s a cabbage, he’s a cabbage.’ And young Mwanawasa as a president then would say ‘I am a steak.’”

    Nawakwi said “you mean this Bally, the President of an invisible country has no sense of humor? He’s stick, you know like he’s put in a concrete wall, you can’t even say agh, look at the head mwee.”

    “I mean a president you are supposed to joke about a president if Bally is the president. I am supposed to say umutwe kwati kalini (your head is shaped like an egg). And you go on. Someone was insulting me online and said Nawakwi you are an idiot. I said okay thank you very much, at least I am not yet senile,” Nawakwi said, saying she could not be upset with that as that was one’s perception of her intellect.

    But Dr Charlotte Scott recently admonished those in the opposition that they could do more as opposition leaders rather than just condemning those in government by offering solutions, Nawakwi responded by saying that Dr Charlotte should say what those in the opposition have condemned and wondering if she was “happy for the word menstruation to be criminalised.”

    Nawakwi said Sean Tembo was recently incarcerated without taking into consideration that his wife is a critical care doctor, wondering if she was able to go to the operating theatre while the husband was incarcerated.

    She said while they thought they were punishing Tembo, there were many patients in hospitals who missed their operations because Tembo’s wife had to frequent the police cells.

    “And these people know that in this country we only have one intervention cardiologist and that is Mrs Sean Tembo. And anyone who has a heart attack or a heart condition needs to be attended to urgently,” Nawakwi said. “So while we are pushing narrow selfish reasons, I am saying, and I think that my sister Charlotte should agree with me that let us be serious. Is menstruation a word to be criminalised now when the whole world is saying let us support a girl child not to miss class because of this word?”

    She said organizations like NGOCC should be talking the way she is talking, and not to seek political correctness when it’s convenient.

    “You see the President should have just, if in fact he’s Mr Bally, he should have said listen my friends, so what’s the problem with that? He should have taken a higher ground,” said Nawakwi. “It’s like saying that someone is pregnant with evil, do you go to them and say no you are saying that I am pregnant. No, you don’t. You laugh. If someone says you are an idiot they are just describing your brain capacity. If someone says you are stupid, there is genius, intelligence…when someone says you are stupid they are not insulting you. They are just describing your capacity of the brain.”


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