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Economic Front (EF) leader Wynter Kabimba has written to Inspector General of Police Lemmy Kajoba giving him seven days within which to inform Zambians on the status of the investigation to establish whether the women who was fondling her genitals in the videos is DEC Director General Mary Chirwa or not.

In a latter dated August 30, and seen by Daily Revelation, Kabimba argued that the pictures and videos which circulated on social media constituted a criminal offence.

“Re: Investigations into the alleged Mary Chirwa Pornographic Pictures. Wherever to the above matter and the investigations which you said were being undertaken by the Police regarding the same. You will appreciate that the pictures which circulated on social media platforms constituted a criminal offence under our laws. In this regard and the interest of the public, we as Economic Front hereby raise the following questions for your attention: (i) The identity of the person or persons who took those pictures and / or posted them on social media? (ii) The actual identity of the person in those pictures? (iii) If your investigations have established evidence to the two questions above, whether or not you have taken statements from the persons involved. (iv) If the investigations are still underway, when you hope to conclude the same and inform… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/kabimba-gives-ig-7-days-to-tell-zambians-whether-it-is-mary-chirwa-in-videos/


  1. When Kapya Kaoma recently used the Bemba expression “Lunshi Pamafi Tasela ” (The fly does not move away from human excreta) to describe the behaviour of praise-singers, this is exactly what he meant looking at the reaction of praise-singers here. They are okay to remain steeped and flourish within the fecal matter of the moral depravity of what was exhibited from those obscene videos. Like the fly that only moves away from human excreta when it dries up, praise-singers are hoping the public will just lose interest in the case and it will die a natural death. They are staying put on the human excreta of that obscene video by saying it is okay.

  2. Wynter Kabimba. Did you watch the video and were you aroused when you watched it? Did it corrupt your morals? Who forced you to watch it? Do not blame the woman for your L_U_S_T.

  3. Mary is not to be blamed for that video even if it were her featuring. The person or persons who put that video on the Internet are the guilty ones. Leave Mary alone you shallow people are feeling intimidated by her.

      • Mary is pressing the right buttons and people are scared. Keep up the good work Mary. IG please ignore these distractors. He was busy lamenting about UPND Secretary General travelling on ZAF plane till someone fished out videos of him doing the same when he was PF Secretary General . Its a pity no one can post pictures of him in his bath suit as that would be tantamount to posting porn material.

  4. The one in the obscene video caused that video of her to be shot. Only if it can be proved there was a loaded gun pointed to her head would we be able to talk about “diminished responsibility” and not blame her entirely for what happened. Is that difficult for praise-singers here to understand?

    • Mary Chirwa is not resigning or being fired. You can try all tricks. Find the one that circulated the videos and have them prosecuted. I have naked pictures of myself, am sure you have some of yourself so what. If i do not circulate them to the public why should i be prosecuted?
      Get a life baba. If Mary is getting closer to some corruption you were involved in just know that no manner of mud slinging about her character will stop her from performing in her duties. We love her and the way she is carrying out her job.

    • I guess you bath naked. When you go to answer the call of nature you remove clothes. If you are having s*x, you remove clothes as well. So, who ever circulates such pics and videos is called to account not the victim.

  5. It’s clear Kabimba is afflicted with a serious mental illness.
    The red-lipped PF monster should focus on growing his one-muntu party and fielding candidates in elections.
    We shall see what he’ll do after seven days of sleepless nights and daily anguish.

  6. Mmmmmm ba Kabimba June, please respect is the best teacher. Can you tell me if you said something when Nkandu Luo was ready caught up panting in parliament when they were watching Porno pictures?
    Leave the young girl alone and after all she did not show somebody’s hidden fimomofimo.
    Leave IG kajioba alone. He has got a lot of work to do.
    Zhimba upulike, Thimba upulike, Fimba upoleke, zhimba wubaluki, aweee mweee!!!!!!

  7. IG and his police officers have important matters to attend to…Identifying A WOMAN who was fondling herself is a total waste of time. Even KABIMBA himself has fondled himself before…those are private matters and the state should not be engaged.

  8. Ati checks and balances yama porno fimofimo. Awe shikulu just sit down. bupolitician bwakanga. By the way, we are waiting for you to show us the tickets you were obtaining when using those ZAF planes when you were in the PFools party. We have seen pictures of you using those planes.


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