Kalandanya Music Promotions
Kalandanya Music Promotions

KALANDANYA Music Promotions proprietor Bwalya Kalandanya has submitted that it is not logical or reasonable for the Patriotic Front to assume that the campaign songs he did for the party were done on a charitable or ex-gratia basis.

Kalandanya has therefore, demanded that the PF pays him the K13.5 million he is claiming for the production, promotion or development of campaign songs for last year’s elections.

In a reply filed in the Lusaka High Court, Kalandanya stated that he had a contract with the PF.

He stated that the mere fact that the PF did not achieve its political aspirations in the 2021 elections was of no consequence to the commercial agreement he had with them.

He added that PF should not try and avoid to pay the K13.5 million they owe him for the campaign songs, adding that it is not logical or reasonable for them to assume that all the work that he did for the party was done on a charitable or ex-gratia basis.

PF lawyer Tutwa Ngulube in a defence after Kalandanya sued the party acting general secretary Nickson Chilangwa for payment of the K13.5 million, denied that the party never engaged Kalandanya.

But Kalandanya argued that there was a
contract in place and the same was signed of by the national chairman of the PF for and on its behalf of the party.



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