Kalushya Bwalya


Confederation of Africa Football (CAF) has selected football legend Kalusha Bwalya of Zambia to be part of the team to run Africa Cup Nations tournament.

The tournament will be held in Cameroon in January 2022.

Kalusha is one of the best players Zambia has produced.

He played his professional football in Belgium and Holland before moving to Mexico.

He was named Africa best player in 1988.

After retiring he coached the Zambian National team briefly before reverting to Administration where he was Vice president and later President of the country’s FA.

It was during Kalusha Bwalya’s resign as FA president in 2012 that Zambia for the first time won the Africa Cup.


  1. This will be a dark day for Zambia if this corrupt man is involved In CAF, he will dip his hands looking for money.
    He will bring shame to Zambia, there many other players who far better than he could have ever been such as Fashion Sakala.
    This corrupt man is a PF Cadre

  2. Is this how low you people on this media have sunk?What has pf got to do with this?We want to have constructive criticism and not this unpalatable language on almost everything Nobody has ever supported the wrongs of pf but give us a break The President himself has said he wants to unite the Nation but there seems to be a clique who think they are championing a certain cause through insults and vulgar language you can even insult me as well but your mission is doomed Let us have decency

  3. There certain clique with anger and hatred who thinks they are saints who just wait either to insult or bring down who they hate. It has nothing being principled but hatred towards certain people. Please we need to move on as a country. Zambia has history people who have contributed do this country greatly even they made a mistake some of you will never match their contributions

  4. Gents , let us be civil in the way we discuss/ debate issues We must proud as country when our own is given such a rare opportunity, His Excellence HH made it very clear that let us not be like them .There is need to do things differently with the common goal of developing this nation .


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