CHISHIMBA Kambwili has better thinking capacity than President Edgar Lungu, says Laiven Apuleni.

The former Choma and Siavonga district commissioner has advised NDC leader Kambwili to be resolute and avoid dancing to PF schemes to poach him back to the ruling party.

In an interview, Apuleni said there was nothing that could save the PF from Zambians’ decision to remove it from power next year.

“Why send [PF deputy national mobilisation chairman] Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba to talk to our president Chishimba Kambwili? This shows that even himself (President Edgar Lungu) is not so sure where the PF is going, because if he was confident he would personally have engaged Kambwili and also Harry Kalaba,” he said. “This is that man (President Lungu) who originally said he has no vision and to date he has none. Kambwili has a vision for this country and he is even above President Lungu. Kambwili’s thinking capacity is well above that of Mr Lungu.”

He said the PF was filled with deceit, theft and corruption.

Apuleni, who recently joined the NDC from PF, said the NDC was not ready for any form of talks with the ruling party.

“There is nothing to go back to in PF because they have destroyed this nation. They have messed up things in this country and no amount of sugarcoating will save the PF from the Zambian people next year,” said Apuleni. “Trying to get Chishimba Kambwili will not save the PF. The only thing that Zambians want is total removal of the PF from power. The PF according to GBM is so desperate to get Kambwili and they are creating an impression that he is willing to rejoin them. We are saying ‘never’ because there has been so much pain caused by the PF. There is high unemployment, hunger and inability to do business. The PF is not only full of deceit but also corruption and theft. Kambwili should remain resolute and not dance to the PF tunes.”

On Monday, Mwamba claimed that it was a matter of time before Kambwili returns to the ruling party.

But Kambwili said he would not continue responding to the PF’s claims that he was rejoining the ruling party, describing them as “foolishness”.

Mwamba, who is lobbying Kambwili to return to PF, himself rejoined the party in April 2019.

Speaking at a public meeting on April 4 last year, Mwamba said his inactivity in the UPND, where he was vice-president, was as a result of his ailing wife.

At the time, Mwamba dismissed assertions that he was planning to leave the opposition party and join the PF.

“I have no reason to resign. Why should I resign? Where am I going? Unless I’m going to form my own political party! But they are saying he is joining PF; tukabolala natuleta insala elo nje mukucita ntwane (damn [PF] thieves, they have brought hunger and I go and do…).”

Mwamba further said the PF would soon be out of power, and had brought misery among Zambians.

“Would I be foolish as GBM to go and join a sinking Titanic called PF? Let’s be serious, Zambians. I don’t want that nonsense again! People of Zambia, I want to assure you that I’m not going anywhere, I’m still vice-president of UPND,” said Mwamba.

“There is no one who is going to shake me and I’m not going to go because I’ve seen how much Zambians are suffering. There is no way I’m going to join PF.”

Three weeks later, Mwamba rejoined the PF.


  1. If you remember very well after Kambwili labored to campaign for a very unpopular president in 2016, The unpopular president won and Kambwili was among the very last to be appointed as minister in spite of his work towards campaigns and then he was later quickly decanted from the PF Jamerson bottle with a lot of fanfare which led to the Six Points secretary General daring Kambwili to stand in Roan as he was declared a non-factor. Today we are in election time and again PF wants to use him the way they did so that they can again later decant him. PERSONALLY I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT KAMBWILI IS THAT DUMB.


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