In Zambia, we are our own enemies. If it was my Government (GPZ Government), I would have instructed the attachment of both agriculture and business management experts to Kamono to study their business model indepth to seal up any loopholes and provide them with government funding to scale up their operations to benefit more citizens. Kamono has a great business plan that needs a bit more fine tuning.

I surmise that the banking cartel in Zambia has gone after kamono because they are taking in more money than the bank deposits. The banking cartel in Zambia needs to be stopped and dismantled. This is the same cartel that influenced the closure of ONO and Comsave in Mazabuka and Heritage coin resources which was housed at downtown shopping mall in Lusaka.

Zambians wants to invest in viable business ventures with good returns but who will invest in a bank investment plan where one invests K100,000 and get less thanK10,000 (Less than 10% interest) per year. The mainstream Zambian banking sector lack attractive investment banking packages like in other progressive countries.

The ones we should be arresting and forcing institutional reforms is the Zambian banking sector and it’s cartel to make attractive investment packages for Zambians. What Kamono is doing should have been part of the investment packages from Banks.

Silavwe Jackson


  1. So all those complaints from hundreds of investors who have said kamono failed to pay them and instead kept on extending date of payment then started running away from answering questions are all liars? That’s why you get beaten up by people as you are now instigating them.


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