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Shiwang’andu member of parliament Stephen Kampyongo has described the withdrawal UPP Kabwata parliamentary candidate Francis Libinda as Child ship and assault on Zambia’s democracy.

Mr. Kampyongo has charged that the behaviour exhibited by the UPP Kabwata candidate is uncalled for which deserve all forms of condemnations as it is a deliberate assault to the treasurer stating the country be meant to spend more resources on an issue which could have been avoided.

The Shiwang’andu law marker says the Electoral Commission of Zambia has now been tasked to make amends on the printing of ballot papers away from its earlier plans.

He adds besides that fresh nominations in Kabwata constitution means more costs will be paid by all the participating parliamentary candidates just because of one individual he has described as political coward.

Mr. Kampyongo says the reasons cited by Mr. Libanda over his resignation from the race are baseless because such issues can only be addressed by the courts of law as opposed to withdrawing his candidature adding that the reckless behaviour of one man is shocking and annoying.

Meanwhile Mr. Kampyongo says advised UPP leader Dr. Savour Chishimba to take punitive action against Mr. Libanda for bring his name into disrepute.

He is however, optimistic PF candidate Clement Tembo is a threat to his opponents in the Kabwata elections hence it most candidates have been left with no option but to start withdrawing from the competition.

At the same time Mr. Kampyongo who is also opposition’s Chief Whip reaffirmed most of the decisions PF made when in power was in the interest of the people more especially on fuel and electricity subsidies.

Speaking when he featured on Millennium TV on Saturday evening the Shiwang’andu lawmaker says the PF knew that securing a deal with IMF will result into the current situation with regards to fuel among other commodities.- Muvi TV


  1. But you, Kampyongo and your disgraced PF were known to buy off other party’s candidates. Once you bought off the UPND candidate leaving them without a candidate and the election went on, fool!

  2. We are now mature enough to know the tactics of PF. I have no doubt in my mind that Libanda was paid by PF to withdral after they discovered that their candidate was not sellable and has scandals from his past. After the bye elections it will be surprising to read newspaper headings saying ” The People of Kabwata Have Decided to go Back to their Vomit”.


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