The Kasama Magistrates Court has sentenced a 38-year-old ex-convict of Nakonde district in Muchinga Province to two years in jail with hard labour for indecent curiosity while masturbating to female pupils of Kasama Girls Secondary School.

Facts of the matter are that on 8th November, 2021 Simwanza stood on an anthill outside the school wall fence and started calling the girls who were inside the
school premises by a hand gesture while showing off his manhood but the pupils
ignored him by running for their safety.

It was at this point that the girls rushed to inform the school authority and the
security guards about what Simwanza was doing and who rushed to the anthill and
apprehended the culprit.

In mitigation the ex-convict pleaded with the Court to exercise leniency on him stating that he recently finished serving a prison sentence.

However, Magistrate Joe Samboko says that he has heard the plea therefore a two-
year sentence with hard labour slapped on the ex-convict was accordingly and Simwanza is serving his prison sentence at Milima Correctional Facility in Kasamadistrict of Northern Province.


  1. Why is justice very swift on the poorest citizens?

    Upto now, we have been waiting for asset recoveries and court cases for corruption, theft, and abuse of office.

    Where are the fast track courts we were promised before elections?

    Some people seriously need to remember why they were elected into office.

    • Does it make sense to leave this misfit to roam the streets of Zambia free just because we need to arrest those who stole.

      Besides evidence is a factor in arresting any one. Surely you can not of compare these two different issues. Unless you just want to be difficult and unreasonable.

      What has poverty got to do with this. You can be poor but full of integrity. This guys is a sexual offender and a danger to society.

    • I totally agree with you. The judge is such a stupid misguided bastard dispensing PF injustice to the week and poor. Even the Women’s groups were asking for leniency and community service and non custodial sentence.
      This is a first offender and someone remorseful of his actions so why send him to prison instead of discongesting the prisons for an offence that can served within the community.
      Am totally pissed with this ancient, weird and mother fcking judge of the jungle! Idyot.

  2. This was too soft. This guy was sending these pictures to the western criminals for exchange of money and these bad people were obviously posting these pictures on international posts.

    What happens if one day these young girls becomes ministers or national leaders and thier naked picture appear somewhere.

    What happens then. Be hard on these stupid people to deter would be offenders. Give him a stife punishment. These are sexual abusers and potential rape offenders.

  3. Sexual predators and pedophiles don’t deserve any mercy. Two 2 years is too little so to those of you who are crying for mercy for this guy if your child was to be ever abused by a sexual predator then you would know the gravity of such a crime


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