KBF says Govt has not created any job for teachers but merely filled up vacancies 



By Scoop Reporter

ZAMBIA Must Prosper (ZMP) leader Kelvin Bwalya Fube says Government has not created any job for teachers but merely filled up the gap left by those who retired and resigned.

Mr. Fube says Government loses thousands of teachers every year and so no job creation has been made by recruiting 30,000 plus teachers as this is just a refill to replace those who left.

“FACT: Governments lose thousands teachers yearly, from retirements & resignations etc… This creates vacancies. UPND has just filled these Vacancies. No job creation here,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, his own followers on Facebook are roasting him monga mulamba osasa.


  1. Zambia Must Prosper: The party brought in dead without an agenda for the people of Zambia but the name of the party sounds appealing.
    You know to be a president of a political party you need to be humble and appealing not someone who is full of pride and self praise. You say you are a strategist, please let people see this attribute in you and praise you. Self praise is associated with young people not someone that old.

  2. Yes you may say so, but created to the employed who were not employed. We thank God who gave HH wisdom to rejecting you from any position in his leadership because your tongue is full of poison and everyone knows you KBF ( kabafa) in my language – empty dish

  3. Kbf better to keep quiet if you don’t know how to give credible checks and balances. Even if you complain those are pensionable jobs and bally will leave but those teachers will remain. They are getting paid and working so what is the issue all about. You have become a zero like Sean tembo. Very irrelevant.

  4. So baKBF, from your self praising asa the big shot political strategist and worked closely with Sata, ECL in pf and yet never replaced teachers after vacancies were created until now it has happened you stand on your molehill ati this is not crreating jobs. . . .bakalamba you need a serious strategy for yourself to know how not to destroy your newly found political career!!!!

  5. Elo baKBF don’t find yourself like you are competing with “politicians” like sean tembo or emmanuel mwamba awe please twapapata!

  6. I used to like him, kanshi, ninkumbafye!
    Bongobongo, tamwaba! I feel sad for him, since he formed his new party, it’s all barking ngalunshi apita.

  7. I would like to encourage more radio stations to allow and accord this man more radio time to express himself more . It appears the more he speaks the more he decampaignes himself and is actually revealing to us his inability to understand how government works.

    His greatest enemy right now is his mouth and his explanations on how he would fix the fixer.

    Acknowledging that the current governmemt has some good policies which mean while for the nation is not weakness, but a sign of maturity. Facts are just that. If one fights against facts , truth and reality will be his biggest stumbling block. It is hard to kick against the Pricks.

    It Is most unfortunate thay he can not admit to some good decisions that are being made by his once upon a time friends.

    How else do you term employment crewted for all the new those teachers other than a good policy of job creation. What type of reasoning can fail to see this simple clear fact.

    These interviews are an eye opener, on the alternative leadership skills to what we have now. A quick comparison reveals how blessed we are with our number one choice.

    Current he and other speakers on various forums have not given one solid solution apart from critising the brilliant workable solutions bearing fruit right now.

    So , Double H is the obvious best choise given the alternatives. Who can resist this ease pick. It’s as easy as 123.

  8. An impotent man fails to impregnant a woman, when another man does, you stand on an antihill saying this man has done nothing since the woman already had a womb. Are you normal? The answer to this question defines KBF and his clueless followers.

  9. Sometimes I wonder if some people are serious in life. With all that education and civilization still they can’t think properly ! KBF of all the people can be unnecessarily twisting issues. Why can’t African opposition political parties sometimes give praise to the government when its due. Surely is it normal always to be negative in everything – right or wrong ? Some people envy HH’s brilliance and success. The Man is performing and his critics are disappointed ! I remember PF used to swear that no one can make education free because its costly. Some people thought it was impossible but HH has done it plus many other ” impossibles” under pf.HH told people that money was there but it was only misused and abused. Many things have happened including retirees payments ! We are a Christian nation let’s do away with hate and live as christians. Love even your enemies !

  10. There was another one (hamududu) on radio this morning with similar to baKBF’s warped thinking condemning the increase in CDF ati among other things, the increase was too much. . . .???


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