By Leah Ngoma

The UPND Alliance Council of Presidents has charged that the statement attributed to Kelvin Bwalya Fube commonly known as KBF suggesting that he has launched a political party to fix the fixer is treasonous against President Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Bwalya during the launch of his party “Zambia Must Prosper” recently, said that it is now time to fix the fixer in reference to president Hichilema whose slogan in the 2021 General Elections was “bally will fix it”.

But addressing the media in Lusaka today, Alliance Spokesperson Daniel Shimunza has challenged Mr. Bwalya to show cause why the state which protects the office of the president should not investigate him on his alleged misplaced, self-destructive and treasonous agenda.

Dr Shimunza has further dismissed Mr. Bwalya’s assertions that the UPND alliance is dead arguing that his departure from the alliance clearly demonstrates that he has never been a team player but a self-praised colleague who felt superior over others.

Efforts to get a comment from Mr. Bwalya failed by broadcast time as his phone went unanswered.


  1. The one that KBF wants to fix gas not made a big deal out of it. They are friends. Let them fix each other on the political front.

    Somehow praise singers now want to fix KBF. On whose behalf will they fix KBF?

    Ubututu fulu ama praise singers.

  2. This was a miscalculation and immaturity on the part of KBF. In the bid to come out with a bang he over reacted and spoiled a great opportunity to wisely and properly present his party as a meaningful alternative to the current administration.

    As it stands his priorities are misplaced and out of joint. To a well thinking and informed electorate this type of approach is below par. Hence on a scale of 1-10 despite the flamboyant launch, it scored a 3, because the main theme is not what the masses are looking for.

    The main theme describes the main thrust of the party. The reason why it was formed. It derives it’s existence from this theme and mission statement. Therefore if fixing a political opponent is the reason for it’s existence then it is below par. It may resonate well with PF supports but is not inspiring for those wanting meaningful change.

    So, this was a missed opportunity to provide meaning direction and for the much needed checks and balances.


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