Kendrick Lamar plays Drake diss track’ Not Like Us’ five times at LA concert


Kendrick Lamar hosted a star-studded concert in Los Angele’s Kia Forum on Wednesday, intended as a show of unity for the West Coast rap fraternity.

The highlight of the night was the live debut of Lamar’s song Not Like Us-an eviscerating take-down of Canadian star Drake, which brought their long-running feud to a decisive end last month.

Encouraged by the crowd, Lamar played the song five times, with each performance more explosive than the last.

Lamar’s feud with Drake goes back years, but it escalated to new levels in April in May, as the two rappers traded insults in a flurry of new songs.

Drake, who has become the face of mainstream pop-rap, accused Lamar of selling out and mocked his height, while also levelling more serious allegations of domestic violence (the star has never faced such a claim)

Lamar, one of the most critically-acclaimed lyricists of his generation, called Drake’s music “predictable” and suggested he was addicted to gambling and drugs.

But Not Like Us took things a step further.


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