Raila Odinga, William Ruto

Millions of Kenyans are glued to their TV screens and mobile phones today as an extremely close race is unfolding between the two main candidates for the presidency.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga, who is backed by the outgoing president and seen as the establishment candidate, faces deputy president William Ruto, who styles himself as an outsider and a “hustler”.

Both Odinga and Ruto were polling at 49 per cent of the vote most of the day but Odinga seems to be gaining ground.

Several media are reporting that the political veteran is taken the lead at 51.36% of the vote, versus Ruto at 47.27%, as of 2.25 p.m. UK time (4.25 p.m. local time).

Capital Nairobi, which could swing any final outcome, still has not called its results yet.

Either Odinga or Ruto will replace outgoing President Jomo Kenyatta leaving government after a decade at the helm.


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