Secular artiste Violet Asela Emu aka Zian Achama has allegedly killed her husband Daniel Omollo Onyango, a Kenya Defense Forces officer, during a physical fight between the couple at their home in Kahawa Wendani.

Neighbours said the couple were heard arguing about 1am, before the wife started screaming from the bedroom.

Shortly after the screams died down, the officer’s sister and aunt came out calling for help.

Thirty seven year old Daniel Omollo Onyango, a Kenya Defense Forces officer, returned to his two-bedroom house in Kahawa Wendani on Saturday night angry and in search of answers from his wife over her recent activities.

His wife, 27-year-old Violet Asela Emu, is an upcoming local secular artiste whose stage name is Zian Achama, and had rented a one-bedroom house in Mirema drive, Kasarani for her music business, a decision that appears to have angered her husband.

As fate would have it, Onyango, who was a private based at Gilgil 44 Rangers, died in a fight with his wife over the said house.

According to the couple’s neighbours, the two started arguing about 1am, moments before they heard Asela screaming from the bedroom.

At the time, the deceased’s wife had already contacted Kahawa Garrison’s health centre requesting for an ambulance to drive her husband to the clinic.

“They travelled to the hospital with this car (a Toyota Vitz), but before they could get to the hospital, they met the ambulance rushing to the house and had the nurse check on the officer. The nurse pronounced him dead and asked them to go back home with the body and call the police,” another witness narrated.

At around 7:40am, regular police officers accompanied by DCI detectives from Githurai Kimbo police station learnt of the officer’s death through a call made to the station by the deceased’s colleague.
Credit: Nation


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