Kenyans go to the poll in the next four days, reports Political Blogger Yona Musukwa.

As students of politics, development activists and Pan Africanists, we are keenly following the events as they unfold.

As Pan Africanists, Kenya is us, and we are Kenya. If Kenya wins, we win.

A few quick observations from afar are that Kenya, like many other African countries, still suffer from very tribal and elitist politics.

These two tendencies are colonial hangovers. History teaches us that religion, tribalism and elitism was extensively used to divide Africans to perpetuate Africa’s colonisation.

As students of politics, we have seen that the 9th August election is a two horse race, between elitist Raila Odinga and hustler William Ruto.

Between the two, I am supporting William Ruto. I agree with Ruto on so many fronts;

1.William Ruto’s manifesto is a well researched, practical and realistic document.

The manifesto is correctly promising an economic revolution – Bottom Up Economics – an economy that grows from the bottom up and expands the middle class.

This is superior economic logic, unlike the imperialist economic prescriptions of top down economics, where we are cheated that we need FDI to make a lot of money exploiting our natural resources, then we benefit from crumbs falling off their dinner tables.

Those who have paid attention to development economics know that this is nonsensical, It has never worked anywhere in the world.

2. Raila Odinga is too elitist. No ideological standing apart from being privileged and having money.

I dislike elitist tendencies, and their deputy white tendencies of thinking their are superior and clever blacks.

3. Raila Odinga’s close proximity to imperialist forces is also a big turn off. Africa doesn’t need puppet governments if we have to attain economic independence in our life time. What we need is equal and fair relationship with the west – win/win.

4. Ruto is roaring for the poor at the bottom of the economy, who he correctly calls Hustlers. Anyone who roars for the oppressed and historically disadvantaged masses is a comrade of mine.

Therefore, Raila Must Fall!

Good luck to all the Kenyans!

Class Dismissed!



  2. If you don’t know anything about Kenyan politics, ba musukwa, you better keep quiet. The one you are referring to as elitist (Raila Odinga) can’t be compared to Ruto by all measures. You can’t talk about Kenyan politics, kenyan new constitution, Kenyan opposition parties, judiciary (a no nonsense judiciary, the first ever in Africa to nullify elected president) or kenyan freedom of expression, assembly without mentioning Baba Raila.
    The peace and stability Kenyans are enjoying is contributed by Raila ( Ever heard of Kenyan Handshake between Raila and Uhuru)
    Raila had contested for the highest seat more than 5 times and rigged out especially the last two general elections.
    On the other hand, Ruto has contributed nothing in all ten years he has been a deputy president. He opposed and voted against the constitution which is happily using now. He was alleged to be behind the election chaos in 20072008 that rocked Kenya, landing him into claws of ICC.
    He is alleged to be most corrupt, tribal, liar and arrogant politician Kenya has ever had.
    He has several times dared and told his boss (president Uhuru) off in his face ( The freedom brought by Raila’s backed constitution of 2010) . He has opposed almost everything president did as he can’t be fired because kenyan constitution protects the tenure of his office. He Turned Uhuru into almost a lame duck. The reason Uhuru brought in Raila to support him through his mps hence slowly and tactically scaling and pruning Ruto’s long horns.
    If Kenyans make a mistake of giving this hustler the big seat, then they are done and completely finished.
    He will be worse than ever living and dead dictator in Africa. President like Museven and Mugabe would just be a child’s play.
    This guy is still young and can be a worse life president by manipulating constitution through parliament and causing to disappear without trace his critics and perceived enemies. Kenyans know this, including president Uhuru that is why he is backing and compaigning for Raila. A true Patriot and evolutionary gentleman together with a seasoned and no nonsense iron lady Martha Karua to be the First DP female in kenyan’s history.
    Baba na Mama will carry the day. It they don’t, come and cut off my genitals (am not joking like ba Antonio or Lusambo) Kikikikiki

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