Killing Of Soldiers In Police Custody Can Trigger An Ugly Army Revenge- Peter Sinkamba

Peter Sinkamba

By Peter Sinkamba


In the last few years, a couple of soldiers have been killed in Lusaka whilst in police custody. First, it was Flight Sergent Mark Choongwa was killed three to four years ago, and then Captain Phiri last week.

Fortunately, the soldiers have kept their calm whilst their colleagues illegally meet ultimate punishment at the hands of the police.

When I was at Sesheke Secondary School 45 years ago, way back in 1979, I remember of an ugly army revenge when soldiers who had gone for a social outing one evening were picked up by Police and detained for loitering (shishita). This act angered the soldiers. In fact, it led to the raid of the police station the following day by the soldiers to rescue their colleagues and in the process, one policeman was killed, and several others injured.

Sadly that day, our school was playing soccer with ITT Super Stars. So, from the police station, the angry armed soldiers charged at the football pitch ‘hunting’ for policemen. We scampered in different directions.

I shudder to see such an ugly scene in Lusaka.

Boma at large, and Minister of Home Affairs in particular muyangane po apa. A casual approach may be costly, one day. This is timely advice.


  1. You are an elder in society. Careful how you use words. It takes a small spark to start a big fire. Ba Sinkamba you should be advising not inciting. None of us even know the true story.

    • So in short Mr Doboman Sinkamba you are inciting soldiers to raise against the police ? Don’t you know that death is death ? It can catch you even while smoking your dobo . So mind what you post on social media.

  2. Come to reality Ganja man. People are civilised these days. Not to even talk of army and police commanders. You think they can sink to your level situational interpretation?.
    Believe you me they surely don’t smoke what you smoke. And please for the sake of peace in your house STOP smoking that.

  3. Take note of Mr. Sinkamba’s words. What he is talking about is a real possibility. You ignore such advice at your own peril.

    No one should die while in police custody. Even if they fall sick, they are supposed to be taken to the hospital and not left to die in the cells.

    Those who differ with his opinion should not demean him but present their arguments in a respectful manner. In his article, he has not used any derogatory words.

  4. Captain is the man’s first name please, it’s not his rank in military terms. Ba Sinkamba our army people are very disciplined people; its sad that a leader like yourself can be seen to be inciting them over what is perceived to be a civil matter. Please stick to providing good counsel as you have always done. No one has come for you over source of your wealth where you offered to pay off PF ministers illegal earnings, when lungu ignorantly allowed them to overstay in office. Given Lubinda even said he had no money to repay it, but you had sufficient to redeem the debt of all the ministers.

    • Exactly my thoughts, that gentleman is not a captain in the military. Typical of easterners they gives their children all sorts of names. Even at burial site, there were no soldiers to send off “their colleague”


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