Opposition Democratic Party official Thomas Sipalo writes…

As we celebrate Labour day, let the Labour minister and her ministry take a self retrospection and ask themselves if at all her ministry is doing enough to speak and protect the labourers in Zambia.
Those employed in the private sector are mostly abused and paid too little insulting salaries for huge work loads by their employers amid harsh working conditions yet the labour offices in most cases choose to play deaf on their grievances and side with the oppressors…
If plight of workers whose this day is supposed to be celebrated are ever in tears from abuse whilst the Labour office which is supposed to protect them stand akimbo,dine and play dumb to their complaints as they themselves enjoy drawing Govt salaries for doing nothing in their aircon fresh smiling offices,then I see no importance of celebrating this day…
Happy Labour day to all hard working Zambians ‘kuchoselako baku’ labour office,let them get their congratulatory message from those ruthless employers they protect…🚶‍♂️

Thomas Sipalo


  1. Labour minister should be changed. Let them take her to another ministry where she can continue reading speeches and cutting ribbons. She is not doing anything about the private sector and helping the employees who are working under difficult conditions. We read about injustices happening under her nose like the one we read about a fuel company in lusaka employing foreigners to be managers in filling stations when the Zambians are more qualified to handle those jobs. How can that happen because the labour code is clear on that. Labour ministry is the most useless ministry so far. Bally please change the minister.


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