By Lukundo Nankamba

Alliance for Community Action –ACA- executive Director Laura Miti expects that the appointment of the Mary Chirwa Drug Enforcement Commission –DEC- Director General will help bring effectiveness in the fight against corruption and illicit financial transactions.

Yesterday President Hakainde Hichilema fired DEC Director General Musonda Simwayi and replaced him with the Financial Intelligence Center –FIC- director.

In an interview with Phoenix News Ms Miti says Ms Chirwa was an effective leader at FIC and stood up to protect public resources and spoke on the extent to which the country was losing large amounts of money to corruption.

Mr. Miti has further advised that directors to be appointed at FIC and Anti-Corruption Commission –ACC- should show commitment to protecting public resources for the benefit of developing the country.



  1. If the previous DEC boss was ineffective it would be in order to ascertain the motivating behaviour behind his poor performance.
    Firing the boss and leaving the immediate subordinates unaffected would surely undermine the new boss and erode the public’s confindence in the institution. The whole team must be replaced.


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