….calls on all Lawyers to respect the Constitutional Court ruling.

LUSAKA, Friday, March 13, 2020 (SMART EAGLES)

The Law Association of Zambia ( LAZ) has condemned in its strongest terms the recent print and electronic media attributed to two of it Very Senior members Dr. Rodgers Chongwe , S.C and John Sangwa S.C for questioning the the qualifications, integrity, and impartiality of the Constitutional Court Judges .

In a statement availed to Smart Eagles ,the Council of the Association, says while courts and the judicial officers are not immune to criticism, this is not a license to anyone to slander , demean or ridicule judges and judicial officers .

The Statement reads that all LAZ members must be aware of the clear difference between criticizing a judicial system or a Judge’s conduct and personally attacking a Judge or Judicial Officer .

The Association has since reminded its members and the public that unwarranted attacks on the judicial officers undermine public confidence in the judiciary as a whole and lowers the authority of the courts in the administration of justice.

It shares the view that a direct consequence of an undermined judiciary is the general erosion of the respect for the law by the public .

The Association has further guided that members of the public and lawyers have a duty to refrain from the use of inappropriate language against Judges or courts adding that they they should resist making unsubstantiated claims of judicial impropriety.

It has added that “Judges and Judicial Officers are by law mandated to perform their duties without fear or favor or ill will and to be free of intimidation and undue influence in whatever form .

It has however reiterated its call on all of its members and members of the public to use the right channels of seeking redress for their grievances or their clients against any Judge or Judicial Officer .


  1. The problem is, Lungu appoints lawyers who are not qualified. Those he can buzzy, without say, just following blindly. They are not qualified to handle constitution laws period. No beating up the bush.
    NOT QUALIFIED , I repeat.

  2. It took a One Man Patriotic Zambian Commando in John Sangwa to expose the rot going on behind the scenes which lazy LAZ has been sweeping under the carpet! It also took my Commando to educate many Zambians about the ECL third term and Bill 10 fraud! Fellow compatriots, Sangwa SC is fighting for us Zambians! Let us not leave him alone! We need to continue the fight against the ECL Rule of Men! The Rule of Law has broken down! When that happens, our Economy suffers. When the Economy dies, many citizens perish! The many accidents we are seeing should not come as a surprise! People are failing to even concentrate because of”Maganizo” brought about by economic hardships!
    No wonder we are having so many problems in this country! Sometimes you have to break ranks with Professional rituals and rules to save a nation! If only we had a 100 Sangwas in this country, there would be sanity! A greater reward is in store for Sangwa!


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