Dr. Chishimba Kambwili

Country men and women, good evening.

I have been released from cells pending court process.

I urge my dear colleagues in power that political power is temporal and they should use it to advance the welfare of citizens.

Attempts to arrest opponents should not be condoned but at personal level I will not revenge because I do not believe in it.

I call on my dear colleagues in power to stop abusing the police and may I caution officers that are getting excited that they will need their jobs even after current political leadership leaves office.

I personally pray that the loss of jobs by civil servants does not repeat after regime change in future therefore, civil servants must be above board.

I urge my colleagues to use their time in government to unite the nation.

Thank you friends.




  1. It is good that Kambwii is seeing things in another perspective and differently compared to when his vanishing ka political party was in power.

  2. Your mind does not seem sound to me CK & you have a serious problem of not seriously reflecting on your recent past misdeeds. Yes you are right Leadership should NOT be about persecution and retribution but reconciliation and national building.
    But this cannot happen in situations where crime is committed in the name of politics.
    You have not acknowledged nor accepted that President HH soundly climbed to the Throne and that he means very well in the efforts he has made & continues to make in correcting PF wrongs, stabilizing the situation and moving forward on social & economic issues which if PF won, would hv affected Zambians in a very terrible unmanageable & unimaginable way. Zambia was finished ba CK.
    Your case is amalibu yaku ilombela. You guys with your hate speeches were taking Zambia to a civil war!!! We are just grateful to our God for making you not win.
    Please CK stop political manipulations & face the music as you would have had most of us killed & misplaced.
    Let us be very serious & truthful when we address the people of Zambia who are no longer fools the way you take them up to this moment.
    Please change & accept that you lost.

  3. Law is law. If you bresk it, yiu duffer the consquences. So own up. HH has nothing to do with your issues. Yiur thinking is the issue. Revist it

  4. My younger. brother chishimba move with time otherwise you will politicaly finish your self change your tactics wise advice.

  5. Kambwili is one person whose mouth is competing with the rate at which his brain processes analytical issues! His mouth puts him in unfavorable situations that he’d rather not wish to find himself in. Kambwili is a very dumb person with limited capacity to assimilate tact and statesmanship! He belongs to the below average echelons of leadership!

  6. Brother Chishimba Kambwili should tone down and find a better way of expressing his anger and frustration. He should also select carefully the choice of words to use when commenting on national matters. Uncoordinated speeches, utterances and reactions are destroying his political career. Equally, self praises and arrogance is what Kambwili is suffering from.

  7. CK was right!
    Umwane wa something does not complain about it.
    CK’s sense of smell is not working in this case.
    He does not seem to appreciate the gravity of his offense and how many people he injured and killed with his hate speech.
    Friends to CK who really care about him, please advise him to go into retreat, prayer and fasting for him to have a more clear view about his wrongs.
    He must understand that those who wish to come to equity must come with clean hands.
    Zambia is a country of Laws!
    When you break the Law, you should expect consequences!
    CK, you insulted the entire Southern Province all because of your blind hatred and envy of one of their own.
    What is wrong when a Tonga decides to vote for another Tonga on merit for that matter?
    When an Easterner votes on wako ni wako basis, it’s not tribalism to you? When a Tonga gets Zero votes in Luapula and Northern provinces, it’s okay with you but when ECL gets Zero votes in Southern Province, you cry murder?
    Honestly, what message did PF have to win Southern Province votes? Did you expect Southern Province to vote for PF with all the tribal hate speech PF showered the Tongas with?
    If you studied Physics in Senior Secondary school, you should know that Nature operates on Laws. Action is equal to reaction! Be nice to people and they will be nice to you!
    Insult a village and see how they will fix you. You should count yourself lucky that Tongas have not dealt with you physically. Other tribes wouldn’t tolerate a fraction of your ethnic hate speech! They would lynch you!
    Stop this political foolishness!
    Until you confess and apologize to the Tongas, you and your family will never know peace!
    And please, what is happening to you is not revenge or persecution.
    You broke the Law with impunity and when you break the Law, it’s long arm will always catch up with you!
    Chindika wiso na noko for you to live a long and peaceful life!
    Respect the Presidency even if you hate the current office bearer just because he is Tonga!
    You are a Tribal Bigot bwana CK and with that attitude, you are not fit to lead multi-ethnic, multi-racial Zambia!

  8. You reconciled with the chiefs of southern province when you insulted people them and after some days you started insulting them which was not good .You are arrested for promoting tribalism in Zambia not other issue and I don’t understand when you say that you need to reconcile ! reconcile with who? people of southern province?chishimba kambwili you are mad and very stupid /idiot.only a mad person can do that not a normal person.can you watch your language social media.

  9. Is Zambia for Tongas? Is Zambia for Bembas? Is Zambia for Chewas? Is Zambia for Kaondes? CK you are even luck HH is good hearted, if you the PF murderers won the August election HH this could have been graved long time ago. There is no persecution, or selective arrests. cool down Mr. CK and deny or accept you said those words on a radio station than thinking shallow and directing you deadly accusation of people who did not participate on the radio station with you PF brothers who used to celebrate and sponsor your broadcasting in attempts to win votes you thought Zambians are fools to accept your hate against other tribes. We say no no no no stop from this one thinking there is a big tribe and minority tribe in Zambia. 72 Tribes as one unitary state. With our Father KK slogan One Zambia One Nation. God bless Zambia for ever.

  10. Reconciliation at a political level is welcome; but this does not imply that the President should break the law by interfering with the work of law enforcement agencies.

    In other words, the police is carrying out its mandate by following up on offences that are alleged to have been committed.

  11. My advice to C.K. is 1 stop blaming the president for everything. He is not a police officer even if he was he would be only doing his job.2 Apologize to us the Zambian people for almost plunging this country into a genocide just to save your skin from the pf.

  12. Tribal and hate speech propagaters must be dealt with early and strongly. We don’t want to experiment what happened in Rwanda. South Sudan, East -Timor and Kenya for us to learn.Let the law visit this chap Kambwili and every will learn from him.

  13. I used to think that CK was presidential material. How wrong I was. Now I see that he is unsuitable and a dangerous person who can destroy the entire nation if he was to become one. Thankfully, most Zambians know who he is. He must never come closer ever again to the echelon of power.


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