Leave Chellah Tukuta Alone: Losing A K250, 000 Salary When You Have A Loan From Public Microfinance Can Be Traumatizing



….When you have freedom, your body responds unless God created you that way….

We have noticed people catching feelings over the cameraman CHELLAH Tukuta’s recent behaviour.

But what is surprising to any sane person is that how can you he surprised seeing your daughter or son trying to blackmail people in Soweto when all the years they have been in your house, they have been doing that?

Facts don’t lie. Facts don’t need to be told many times. One day, your child will have the privilege to serve Zambia in foreign lands and that is when you will know that they were getting paid 10, 000 dollars per month and that is close to K250, 000 per month in our current forex. Surely, even if life is expensive out there, can one fail to build or not cry when they are fired for their own continued misbehaving?

Why shouldn’t CHELLAH TUKUTA insult the UPND when he has a loan from the Public Microfinance (government institution giving loans to civil servants)? What if they grab the house in an event that he has no means to pay back? And you expect him to keep quiet and not meet Edgar Lungu who he worked for, meet Fred Butternut head M’membe who has a vaseline movement school in Brazil, meet Emmanuel Mwamba who is struggling and want to push tribalism narrative, meet Harry Kalaba because Bushiri promised him an IPhone 30.

Look here Zambians. This young man needs to survive and if his cameras failed to build his body all the past years until UPND gave him an opportunity, what else do you expect him to use apart from his mouth?

Leave CHELLAH Tukuta alone. He also has family issues to attend to and if we had powers, we would plead with the public Microfinance not to grab the house they have financed and he is building because that is the best gift the UPND can give him for not voting for them as he was in jail as a convict at the time the 2.8 million voters were voting for HH.

By the way, how can the young man forget Edgar who pardoned him on 21st August, 2021 and by the way, by then Edgar had already lost elections but he was planning to refuse to handover power. Please, don’t go further to accuse the young man that he was planted on HH after Edgar realised that he had lost and that because HH is kind, he would give him a job and closer to him just like GBM ran away when HH with slapped with treason.

Otherwise, CHELLAH TUKUTA is on cloud ☁️ 9. He has many issues to attend to and the best you Zambians can do as opposed to calling him ungrateful, which he may be, is to give him counsel.



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