Lee Anderson steps down in protest of Rwanda bill

Lee Anderson is the Conservative MP for Ashfield, in Nottinghamshire

Lee Anderson has quit his job as the deputy Conservative chairman because he disagrees with the government’s important Rwanda bill.

Another leader of the party, Brendan Clarke-Smith, quit before voting against the government.

In a letter they wrote together to the leader of the country, the two people said they were in favor of the law but wanted to make sure it was very strong and secure.

They were part of a group of 60 Conservative MPs who supported a change to the bill that rebels said was meant to make it stronger.

The law aims to bring back the government’s idea to send certain people seeking asylum to Rwanda and to stop others from coming to the UK in small boats.

In their letter to quit, the two people said they had previously argued that “safeguards” were needed to make sure the law was very strong.

They said it’s important to be consistent with this to keep our credibility.

The Tory MPs said they backed rebel changes to the Rwanda bill because they want it to work, even though they aren’t against the law.


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