Harry Kalaba

[By Chambwa Moonga in Chifunabuli]

BE strong and let no one intimidate you because this is your country, Democratic Party president Harry Kalaba told his supporters in Chifunabuli on Thursday evening.

Kalaba, flanked by Luapula Province chairman Derrick Masaiti and other party officials at district and provincial levels, opened the Chifunabuli DP constituency and district offices.

Singing from scores of DP supporters, who constantly signalled the opposition party’s symbol of a key, drowned out Kalaba.

“You can only attain freedom by your own actions. What you have done has shown me that you are serious with next year’s general elections. Nga kuli incende iyo tufwile ukuwina nikuno kwine ku Chifunabuli (if there is a place that we are supposed to win, it’s here in Chifunabuli),” Kalaba told the crowd. “Kweba nakali ikwibeele ati tiye tulembeshe (tell all and sundry to register to vote). Don’t grow cold feet; be strong. Let no one intimidate you because this is your country. If you fall for fear, it’s up to you. Work extra hard, especially that you have dedicated district leaders.”

He later bought fish and vegetables from the nearby Chifunabuli Market.

Earlier in the afternoon, Kalaba went to express his condolences to the widow of sub-chief Mabo Kunda in Kalasa Mukoso’s chiefdom in Samfya district.

Sub-chief Mabo Kunda of the Kabende people died about three weeks ago.

DP national women’s chairperson Marjory Mutakwa and deputy national secretary Vincent Chintu are in Kalaba’s entourage.


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