Let The UPND In Government Become Accountable To The Zambians That Put Them In Power- Chishala Kateka

Chishala kateka


18th December 2023

The NHP strongly believes that a successful nation is built on accountability, transparency, and principled governance with accountability being the cornerstone of a thriving democracy. Only by demanding transparency and questioning our leaders can we ensure the proper stewardship of resources, the protection of citizens’ rights, and the promotion of sustainable development.

To this end, the New Heritage Party (NHP) today calls upon the United Party for National Development (UPND) to be accountable for their actions and policies. Only by being transparent, effective, and committed to the betterment of our nation will the UPND Government succeed in the management of this nation.

In the last two and half years, the UPND has displayed a seriously concerning lack of transparency regarding its management of public funds, public assets and the implementation of policies. The NHP is deeply concerned about the stagnation in the debt restructuring process, which threatens the future prosperity of the country and burdens future generations with unnecessary financial obligations. We call upon the UPND to provide a comprehensive road map for debt restructuring and demonstrate their commitment to fiscal responsibility.
In addition to this, the country has seen an unprecedented rapid decline in the performance of the Kwacha and which is now in free fall. This situation continues to maintain the cost of living at unaffordable levels for Zambians. We again question the Government to give hope to Zambians by availing the nation of the steps it intends to take in order to arrest this situation.

Additionally, the NHP is deeply troubled by the rising cases of human rights violations that seem to be unchecked under the UPND’s watch. The reports of arbitrary arrests, suppression of freedom of speech, and intimidation by state forces raise serious concerns about the government’s commitment to upholding our constitutional rights. We demand that the UPND take immediate actions to address these issues and ensure the protection of citizens’ fundamental rights and freedoms.

Furthermore, the NHP questions the UPND’s commitment to safeguarding our natural resources and promoting sustainable development. ( Here we can refer to the Chief Mukwikile of Muchinga Province as a case of the dubious Mining and land allocations, also the case of Chief Serenje against the manganese miners using cassava as a substitute for coal , to illustrate the point).

There have been instances where environmentally destructive practices have been pursued without proper consultation or consideration of the long-term consequences.

We urge the UPND to prioritize environmental protection and make genuine efforts to promote renewable energy sources, conservation, and sustainable economic practices.

We, in particular, ask the Government to provide answers to the following and which the Government owe Zambians an explanation:

1. Who has been held responsible for the deaths at Chingola’s Sensele Mine?
1.1 Who are the mine owners?
1.2 Who permitted the mining to continue under such insecure conditions?
1.3 Has the area been blocked off for further mining?
1.4 What is the way forward as regard that mine?

2. Recently, there was an accident along Kapiri Ngozi involving a truck carrying Mukula Logs.
2.1 Is there still a ban on Mukula trading?
2.2 If there is, why was Mukula being transported out of the country?
2.3 Whose Mukula was that?
2.4 Has anyone been arrested for illegal trading of Mukula?

3. A few months ago, some trucks carrying Sugulite, were impounded by Zambia Police.
3.1 What has happened to the Trucks and the SUGILITE contraband they were carrying?
3.2 What has happened to the high profile suspects most of whom are UPND government officials and members of the security wings. What is happening to the prosecution of these suspected criminals?
3.3 Are the Trucks still parked outside some Police Post or has the Sugilite ‘walked’? Zambians deserve to know.
3.4 What is the way forward regarding Sugilite?
3.5 Do we have Mining Policies relating to the same?
3.6 If we do, what are those Policies?

4. The report of the Auditor General has indicated that a number of the recently recruited teachers do not possess grade 12 certificates.

4.1 Who is being held
responsible for hiring
Grade 12 drop outs as
4.2. Illegalities have been
perpetrated. What
action has been taken
against the
4.3. An injustice has been
carried out against
those that actually
qualified but lost their
positions to those that
did not qualify. What is
being done to restore
Justice in this regard?

The NHP will continue to scrutinize the UPND’s policies and actions, serving as a voice for the people and ensuring a healthy and vibrant democracy. We will remain steadfast in our commitment to provide constructive criticism and alternatives to the status quo.

We call upon all citizens to join us in demanding accountability from the UPND and working towards a future where our nation thrives economically, environmentally, and socially.

Chishala Kateka
President – New Heritage Party


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