Isaiah Brian Sovi, who went trending for his recent private wedding with British Gospel Musician , has put up a post that seems to defend the close to nude images that have been posted by Iris Kaingu on her social media.

He wrote;
Should Christian ladies wear mini skirts? Will it stop then from going to heaven? I don’t know… but I know God in his wisdom created Adam and Eve NAKED.”

Iris Kaingu was once also spotted in one of his church services where he was seen praying for her.


    • No one is without sin! At least Iris does her thing openly unlike those that pretend to be holier than thou!! Give this lady a break! We are all not created the same, the same way you find it hard to believe there are such women is the same way she wonders why you cover your body the way you do. So, pass!

  1. Before the white man brought clothes, what were Africans wearing apart from their birth suits?
    Only corrupt adulterous minds will point an accusing finger! What sin has she committed?
    Were not Adam and Eve completely naked and not ashamed because they were without sin?
    Don’t forget your ancestors were once naked so don’t make too much out of someone’s choice of clothes! You don’t even make your own clothes for goodness sake! All your clothes are imported. Let her continue dressing like that until the day we learn to weave our own clothes!

  2. Iris beware of wolves in gentlemen’s clothes !Who thinks it is right to do wrong openly and it is a sin doing it secretly ?Contrary to this line of reasoning ,the latter is somehow better because doing it secretly implies someone acknowledges it’s bad but the former implies someone is convinced it’s the right way to go and some degree of stubbornness.In this life I know it is healthy to criticize constructively.If you you see wrong and support it it simply means either you seek the culprit’s favours or you don’t love her or him.So let us all caring ppl criticize the wrong doing and advise to make Iris a good and responsible beautiful Zambian citizen !


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