Lungu likens HH’s governance to Chimbwi no plan


Lungu likens HH’s governance to Chimbwi no plan

By Mubanga Mubanga

Former president Edgar Lungu has likened President Hakainde Hichilema’s governance to ‘a chimbwi no plan’, saying he is traveling aimlessly because he has failed to govern the country.

Speaking during a rally organised by Citizens First party yesterday in Kitwe, Lungu asked President Hichilema to reduce the price of a mealie meal to at least K100 if he has failed to reduced to K50 as he promised the people.

“He is Chimbwi no plan (Bemba proverbs for someone who does not know what to do), that is the reason is traveling aimlessly, he goes to this country, it goes to that country, it is because he has no plan. In the three years that he has been President, he keeps pointing at me, ‘No! It is Lungu who did this, no! It is Lungu who did that’,” Lungu said.

He said if president Hichilema was consulting him on national matters, things could not have been as bad as they were because he has experience.

“Even if things become difficult, an experienced man is an experienced man, l know what I am talking about. Nangu uyu wine mambala…


  1. Do not open the paper until you are advised by invigilator and answer only ten(10) questions from this news
    1.which president over borrowed money and left the country in mess?10marks
    2.which president legalized tribalism? 1mark
    3.which president swindled money from poor widow? 10marks
    4.which president legalized police brutality and corruption?2marks
    5.which president allowed the family to stole from the government?15marks
    6.which president failed to balance his cabinet only concentrated from two regional?10 marks
    7.which president allowed violence?10marks
    8.which president was going out with faith musonde?15marks
    9.which president killed nsama nsama kasongo Kaunda matapa menyani Lawrence Mugala vasper and mapezi?20marks
    10.which president had money in his house and decided to remove his money and gave her niece in junkie compound?30marks

    Please you can go with your question paper but the answer sheet you can give your invigilator.

  2. The problem I have with this man who is old on the outside but 12 years on the inside is his lack of maturity.
    Even if you want a third term, why that kind of undiplomatic language?
    It’s no wander he failed to negotiate for the debt restructuring. No etiquette!
    Not sure how the people he lamentably failed to repay would take it if miraculously he became president.
    All in all, he is a misplaced project.

  3. Ba PF Damage control….. we heard him calling the head of State Chimbwi, Mambala….even if he was drunk, you cannot justify such sarcasm. He has enough rope to hang himself. HH has power now so let us see how far he will tolerate Lungu’s insults.

  4. I never new that UKWA team is a bunch of useless failed politicians. How do you allow a guy like ECL, a pea brain, to speak on your first rally. An opportunity to shine just wasted like that after so much planning and resources pumped in. You are such a wasteful lot. No message as to how that Chap ECL was going to clean up the mess that he himself shit all over us. Next time organize yourselves properly and avoid using someone fighting is personal battles.

    • Without Mr. Lungu, there is no UKWA. Mr. Lungu was their star speaker and main attraction.

      Without Mr. Lungu, the rally would have been a flop. All the rest of the pretenders are “inshindishi” (escorts). Mr
      Lungu is UKWA’s presidential candidate for 2026.

  5. Imwe ba ZO Chimbwi no plan isnt a Bemba proverb. Since when? Its just a CB coinage for: “people who dont speculate”. Copperbelt Bemba has its own trajectory and often invents phrases and words that no Kasama citizen will grasp. Its actually a language on its own and at times a citizen from Chitimukulu’s Kingdom wouldnt understand a conversation between Kitwe or Mufulira residents.

  6. One of the signs of Mental illness is “Pressure of Speech” which degenerates into a “Word Salad” indicating deep-rooted disorganized thought process!
    Unfortunately, a hangover and deep-seated anger only worsen the symptoms!


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