Lungu sneaks back on Facebook

AFTER fleeing Facebook in fear of the hot-tempered comments from the heroic 2.8, former president Edgar Lungu has gathered some courage and quietly sneaked back on Mark Zuckerberg’s social media interactive platform under the user name; ‘The ECL Legacy.’

Soon after the August 12, 2021 polls, Lungu unceremoniously deactivated his Facebook page on which he was republishing the Bible, verse by verse.

After a few weeks hiatus, the sixth Republican president quietly created another Facebook page “The ECL Legacy,’ apparently to keep his legacy alive – never mind the sort of such a legacy!

Unlike his old page which operated under the name Edgar Chagwa Lungu with over a million followers, the new one only has 34,000 followers.

The usually masked Lungu’s posts have been attracting relatively high engagement, probably courtesy of the online hardwork of the fawning 1.8 million.

Lungu has been using the page to publicise his guarded public appearances, with the latest being his attendance of the book launch “Conversation with memorable personalities” authored by former permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information Amos Malupenga.



  1. Of course all corrupt people are still free in our country. They know none of them will ever get jailed.

    They know that Hakainde just barks and makes threats. But he never bites.

    What a shame. This is not the change we voted for.

  2. He has sneaked on Facebook because he now knows that things are now getting too close for comfort. Who wouldn’t? The moving of Mutati from Finance to facilitate stealing on THE FTJ University was well orchestrated & planned by no other than Edgar. Most of stuff you hear from Nakachinda come from Edgar. There are still people loyal to him who leak information to Lungi though most of it is half true. Do you remember how they so much wanted to issue a mobile phone licence to Isabel Santos where Lungi wanted to get huge shares. Despite failing to meet the requirements & date line they had to bend over for several years to try and accommodate the rotten deal until it became clear they couldn’t meet the requirements and it became impossible to extend the dates. That was Lungu trying to put his stolen money into a mobile phone licence.


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